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Pushing Performance HARTING High Speed Backplanes

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HARTING Technology Group HARTING Technology Group Competence in all areas of industrial manufacturing — tailored solutions for every type of industrial application — customer centers throughout the world: the transmission of energy, signals and data is at the core of HARTING Technology Group. HARTING offers outstanding development and manufacturing competence, especially in the areas of connection, transmission and network technology. HARTING Technology not only provides components but also complete solutions, ranging from connection technology in the area of electrical and electronic...

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HARTING Integrated Solutions (HIS) HARTING Integrated Solutions (HIS) is one of seven business units that make up the HARTING Technology Group. With 10 production plants and more than 400 engineers and scientists, we serve our customers from 32 subsidiaries around the world. Through the innovative use of microstructures, metallurgy, printed circuit board technology, design simulation, and advanced production equipment, HARTING’s HIS facilities provide complete backplane engineering and manufacturing services. This includes both standard and customized backplane solutions, each one being...

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l HARTING Backplane Value Chain HARTING Backplane Value Chain The Value Chain of Services Every backplane produced by HARTING benefits from HIS expertise in nine areas — shown as links in our value chain below. From interconnect design to manufactured assemblies, our value chain ensures that all HARTING Integrated Solutions backplanes and backplane systems will be of the highest quality. Design simulation and fast prototyping will quickly get your project started, followed by ensured delivery of the finished product. As part of our quality assurance program, sophisticated signal analysis...

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No detail is too small in the design, production, inspection and testing of HARTING Integrated Solutions backplanes. People | Power | Partnership

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Markets Served Markets Served Embedding Computing High Data Rate Applications HARTING specializes in high-speed backplanes for applications requiring error-free transmission at high data rates. Along with embedded computing, this is a common thread in all the HARTING Integrated Solutions target markets. A few applications for our high-speed backplanes include: • SS7 switchgear for broadband telecommunications • Backplanes carrying 180 simultaneous broadcast video channels • Data processing in medical CAT scans and graphic imaging • Military/aerospace radar image processing • Automatic train...

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HARTING connectors and other customerspecified components are used to create a unique HIS solution for challenging data processing applications. People | Power | Partnership

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Custom Backplanes Custom Backplane Products Full Service Engineering HARTING Integrated Solutions backplane capabilities include a complete range of engineering expertise and design services to meet customer requirements for unique, custombuilt products of any size or configuration. We provide fast engineering response to enquiries, supplying reliable PCB designs to customer specifications, for any project initiative — large or small. To support these unique designs, HIS resources include: • Cadence Allegro design software • A complete connector library • Full differential pair capability •...

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HARTING manufactures a broad range of off-the-shelf and customized interconnect products, providing great flexibility in the design of custom backplanes. Specially designed press-fit machinery at HARTING Integrated Solutions manufacturing plants also allow unique connector configurations, such as staggered pin lengths to ensure proper grounding before power pins engage. People | Power | Partnership

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Standard and Custom Open Architecture Backplanes Engineering and manufacturing support the design and development of backplane ® architectures including AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA, CompactPCI , VME, VME64x, ™ VXS, VPX and custom designs HARTING High Speed Backplanes

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Standard and Custom Open Architecture Backplanes Open Architecture Support HARTING Integrated Solutions’ Engineering and Manufacturing support the design and development of open architecture backplanes – both standard and customized designs. These can be designed and ® built to any of the standard specifications, such as AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA, Compact PCI, VME, VME64x, VXS, VPX, etc. We also ™ work closely with our customers in the modification of standard designs, such as adding extra power slots, or using connectors with a finer pitch, non-standard plating, and different I/O pin-outs....

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Design, Simulation and Modeling Design, Simulation and Modeling HARTING Integrated Solutions provides engineering, design and product development services unique in our industry for the creation of high-speed, high-performance backplanes. The first step in our Advanced Design System is the use of Cadence Allegro software to design and generate a board model for simulation testing at up to 40GHz rates. This modeling in a 3D Field Solver Software includes the actual connectors that will be used, as their pins and other physical characteristics have a huge impact on performance. We also...

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An important aspect of high-speed backplane design is being able to characterize performance all along the signal path. To meet this requirement, HIS backplane system modeling tools and software simulate multipoint and high-speed point-to-point bus systems and link performance, as well as doing channel modeling and compliance testing. Computer modeling characterizes electrical component capabilities, such as those uncovered by dynamic 3D FEMsimulation, SPICE/IBIS/S-parameter models, and calculation of electric fielddistribution. This software also provides accurate backplane parameter...

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Measurement and Verifications Corporate Technology Services HARTING Integrated Solutions is supported by a Corporate Technology Services lab that supplies the full range of mechanical, electrical, environmental, and signal integrity testing. This lab is independently accredited by DAR according to the quality standards for DIN, EN, and ISO/IEC 17025 testing of electromechanical components and data transmission systems. Eye Diagram of a fiber optic receiver Signal Integrity Verification After development of test cards and prototype backplanes, HARTING conducts high frequency measurements on...

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