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Industrial Connectors – Overview of the series Contents

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Industrial Connectors Han® Economic and Reliable Connections Specifications DIN EN 60 664-1 (VDE 0110-1) Principles, requirements and tests DIN EN 61 984 (VDE 0627) Connectors, Safety requirements and tests Note: The connectors included in this catalogue should not be coupled or decoupled under electrical load unless otherwise stated. The connector must not be poweredup in the un-mated condition. This is also true if the connector is closed with a protection cover, unless otherwise stated. The provision of protection against electric shock is the responsibility of the user. Protection can...

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HARTING worldwide Transforming customer wishes into concrete solutions The HARTING Technology Group is skilled in the fields of electrical, electronic and optical connection, transmission and networking, as well as in manufacturing, mechatronics and software creation. The Group uses these skills to develop customized solutions and products such as connectors for energy and data transmission applications including, for example, mechanical engineering, rail technology, wind energy plants, factory automation and the telecommunications sector. In addition, HARTING also produces electro-magnetic...

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HARTING Subsidiary company HARTING Representatives Our people on location form the interface to the centrally Connectors ensure functionality. As core elements coordinated development and production departments. In this way, our customers can rely on consistently high, superior product quality – worldwide. enabling the modular construction of devices, machines and systems across a very wide range of industrial Our claim: pushing performance. guaranteeing smooth functioning in the manufacturing components. In order to serve our customers with the best area, in telecommunications,...

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HARTING worldwide HARTING technology creates added value for customers. or ultrahigh frequency applications that are finding use Technologies by HARTING are at work worldwide. in telecommunications or automation networks, in the HARTING ’s presence stands for smoothly functioning automotive industry, or in industrial sensor and actuator systems, powered by intelligent connectors, smart applications, RFID and wireless technologies, in addition infrastructure solutions and mature network systems. In to packaging and housing made of plastics, aluminum or the course of many years of close,...

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HARTING knowledge is practical know-how generating synergy effects. The key focus is on applications in every solution approach. In this context, uncompromising, superior quality is our hallmark. Every new solution found will regard to the applications conditions of connectors in invariably flow back into the HARTING technology pool, telecommunications, computer and network technologies thereby enriching our resources. And every new solution and medical technologies, as well as industrial automation we go on to create will draw on this wealth of resources technologies, such as the...

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HARTING eCatalogue The HARTING eCatalogue / eShop can be found on our homepage at www.HARTING.com or at the direct link www.eCatalogue.HARTING.com. The HARTING e-Catalogue is your platform for conveniently selecting individual products as well as configuring complete solutions. Our comprehensive product pages provide you with all necessary technical information and CAD files in various formats for downloading. You may also contact our technical sales department directly. Find out about product innovations and news on the start page of the HARTING e-Catalogue or go directly to...

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Industrial Connectors Contents

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Summary Han®-sizes Hood side-entry 230/400 V 50 V 10 A 10 A Staf 6 Han® 3 A / 4 A chapter 01 chapter 09 Hood top-entry bulkhead mounting surface mounting Hood top-entry Hood side-entry Housing bulkhead mounting cable to cable coupling bulkhead mounting screw mounting suitable for 2 inserts of size 16 A Housing surface mounting 1 module Hood cable to c

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Summary Han®-sizes Hood top-entry 500 V 500 V 400/690 V 830 V 16 A 16 A 35 A 16 A Han E® Han® EE Han® HsB Han Hv E® Han® Hv ES Han® ES Han® EEE chapter 02 chapter 02 chapter 03 chapter 03 chapter 07 chapter 04 160 V – 690 V 50 V – 5000 V 10 A – 100 A 5 A – 200 A Han-Com® HanModular® chapter 05 chapter 06 Housing surface mounting suitable for 2 inserts of size 16 B suitable for 2 inserts of size 24 B 64 + 46 + Housing bulkhead mounting

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How to order connectors For a complete connector components may be ordered from the following sub headings Han Cable clamp Cable entry protection Universal cable glands Special cable clamp with strain relief, bell mouthed cable fitting and anti-twist devices Cable gland with normal or multiple seal Extensive range of accessories Hood Hoods low or high construction top or side cable entry 1 or 2 locking levers Male contacts Male insert with Male insert screw terminal or crimp terminal (order contacts separately) or cage-clamp terminal Female insert with Female insert screw terminal or crimp...

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Hoods/housings connector insert protection The connector’s housing, sealing and locking mechanism protect the connection from external influences such as mechanical shocks, foreign bodies, humidity, dust, water or other fluids such as cleansing and cooling agents, oils, etc. The degree of protection the housing offers is explained in the IEC 60 529, DIN EN 60 529, Han standards that categorize enclosures according to foreign body and water protection. The following table shows the different degrees of protection. Code letters (International Protection) First Index Figure (Foreign bodies...

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Type of hoods/housings Standard Hoods/Housings for excellent mechanical and electrical protection in demanding environments, for example, in the automobile and mechanical engineering industries also for process and regulation control applications Distinguishing feature hoods/housings colour-coded grey (RAL 7037) Material of hoods/housings Die cast light alloy Locking levers Han-Easy Lock® Cable entry protection Optional special cable clamp for hoods with strain relief, bell mouthed cable fitting and anti-twist devices Distinguish Material o Locking le Han® M Hoods/Housings for harsh...

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