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HARTING Component Range

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HARTING Worldwide Turning customer wish lists into concrete solutions. The HARTING Technology Group, which has its corporate headquarters in Espelkamp, Germany, develops tailored electrical and electronic connector solutions and products for power distribution, data transmission and networking applications. Founded 1945 in Minden, HARTING currently has nearly 4,000 employees worldwide. As the knowledge and information society continues to evolve, networking with customers, suppliers and technology/business partners plays an increasingly crucial role in the domestic and international...

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HARTING Component Range - 3

 HARTING Subsidiary company  HARTING Sales partner Close proximity to the customer. The increasing level of industrialization around the world creates expanding markets characterized by very diverse requirements. What they all have in common, however, is the attempt to achieve perfection, workflow efficiency and reliable technology. The HARTING team at our international subsidiaries takes on a partnership role in the customer relationship. These professionals offer consultancy during the initial product development phase to ensure that our customers have access to the best possible solutions...

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HARTING Component Range - 4

Installation Technology Smart Network Infrastructure Device Connectivity Connectivity & Networks An intelligent and powerful connectivity technology forms the foundation of industrial application and manufacturing technology. Solutions from the HARTING triad – Installation Technology, Device Connectivity and Smart Network Infrastructure – generate clear benefits in applications. The HARTING product and services spectrum covers electrical and electronic connectors, device connection technology and pre-assembled cable and network components. HARTING products supply facilities and machines...

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HARTING Component Range - 5

Industrial connectors Han® HARTING industrial connectors are used in all kinds of harsh environmental conditions whenever an electrical connection is needed that is secure, robust and detachable. Our product line features contact inserts for sensitive signal transmission as well as modular contacts for power transmission up to 650 A. Our hoods and housings are available in protection degree IP44 up to IP69K. Almost every size is available in six different housing types. Advantages Number of contacts Rated voltage Rated current Terminations Housing types Accessories Approvals  On-site...

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HARTING Component Range - 6

Standard inserts Han® HARTING standard inserts are established main components of industrial connectors since several years. Product range includes a huge quantity of different inserts for sensitive signals up to energy transmission until 100 A. The inserts are related to defined housings depending on size and type of construction. To achieve various requests different types of terminations were developed. Distinct features/ advantages Number of contacts Rated voltage Rated current Terminations Accessories Approvals  On-the-spot-installation of machines and plants  Disassembly and...

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HARTING Component Range - 7

High Current connectors Han® HC HARTING High Current connectors offer possibilities for power transmission in the range from 200 A up to 650 A. The inserts will be used together with Han® HPR hoods and housings which lead to guaranteed characteristics like robustness, protection against water pressure and vibration resistance. The high current contacts are available in crimp- and axial screw termination. Thus they are the solution of choice for traction and auxiliary converters, brakes, door and air-conditioning subsystems. Distinct features/ advantages Number of contacts Rated voltage...

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HARTING Component Range - 8

The Han-Modular ® series is a system of inserts designed to meet the specific requirements of individual customers. In close cooperation with potential users a range of modular inserts has been developed allowing the simple assembly of custom designed connector sets which meet the diverse requirements encountered by designers today. The modular conception allows the transmission of electrical, optical and pneumatic signals, as well as data and power in one connector. Advantages Number of contacts Rated voltage Rated current Terminations  Custom designs can be simply assembled  The insert...

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HARTING Component Range - 9

Han-Yellock® is a new product series which retains the core functionality but differs significantly from current size and shape formats. The approach of this series makes many new functions possible, for example:  An internal, latched locking mechanism on the hood  Multiplies the potentials in the connector with Han-Yellock® modules  Usage of Han-Modular ® modules with adapter frames  Front and rear assembly of inserts  Protected Earth contact (PE) in crimp or Quick Lock termination Thus, the Han-Yellock® offers improved functionality in the form of increased variability, multiplied...

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HARTING Component Range - 10

Han-Eco® – a new housing series made of hightech thermoplastic material. Han-Eco® is the ideal solution for applications that do not require the full range of product features offered by the Han® B series of housings, and users want to take advantage of the weight and cost advantages. Like the Han® B standard series, the Han-Eco® series is available in the following sizes: 6 B, 10 B, 16 B and 24 B. Hood with straight or angled cable exit can be supplied. Fast, simple assembly is another outstanding product feature. Click-and-mate design totally eliminates the need for tools during assembly...

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HARTING Component Range - 11

Components for switch cabinets, service interfaces and PCB adaptors Connectors Series Frontpanel interfaces for series Han-Snap® Series for connectors within closed electrical operating environments Han-Modular ® single module locking Compact connection with one Han-Modular ® module in IP20 environement Han-Port® Single- and double frames for power and signals Plug sockets for European and international markets Data inserts using standard interfaces Han® Q Han DD® Han E® Han-Modular ® Han® Q 5 / 0 Han® Q 7 /0 Han® Q 4 /2 Han® Q 8 /0 Han DD® Han E® Han DD® module Han® Axial screw module

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