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Hanwha aerospace division - 1

Headquarter 4th FL Hanwha Bldg, 109, Sogong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, 04525, KOREA TEL +82-2-316-2986 / FAX +82-2-316-2989 Asan 1 Plant / R&D Center 144, Asan valley nam-ro, Dunpo-myeon, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, 31409, KOREA TEL +82-41-538-7777 / FAX +82-41-592-7700

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Hanwha aerospace division - 2

AEROSPACE DIVISION Innovative Solution for Aerospace Precision Control System We create the future with Technical Innovation & Ultimate Challenge AEROSPACE BUSINESS AREAS : Korean Fighter(KFX), Light Armed Helicopter(LAH), Light Civil Helicopter(LCH), Korean Space Launch Vehicle(KSLV-II), Export Business MAIN ITEM: Flight Control System , Fuel System, Hydraulic System, Landing Gear System, Avionics System

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Hanwha aerospace division - 3

We Create the Future with technical innovation & ultimate challenge HANWHA Aerospace Division leads the Korean aerospace industry in the field of design, development, manufacturing, and repair & overhaul of flight control actuators, hydraulic & fuel system of aircraft, guided weapon, launch vehicle, defense and marine. It aims to grow as a core manufacturer by participating in all Korean aircraft programs and expanding into the commercial aircraft as well as the space area in both domestic and export market. We continuously strive to reinforce our research and development capacity in order...

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Hanwha aerospace division - 4

Innovative Solution for Aerospace Precision Control System Hydraulic System Hanwha Aerospace Division is the only qualified company throughout South Korea in terms of its technology and development capability in the areas of aerospace Hydraulic system. Hanwha successfully developed the key components of Surion, KT-1 and T-50 such as Power Package, Pressure Accumulator, Main Rotor Actuator, and Speed Brake Actuator. Hanwha is yet to take part in a major role in the Next Generation Fighter Development Program. KUH Rotor Brake System_Master Cylinder • Designed in accordance with SAE-ARP 4379...

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Hanwha aerospace division - 5

Innovative Solution for Aerospace Precision Control System Fuel System Derived from the technical ability accumulated by consistent development in the Fuel system, Hanwha Aerospace Division localized the production of vital components of the Fuel system, and currently is in the process the production as well as the participation in the unmanned flight control fuel supply system development business. Fuel Indicator Tank Unit Signal Conditioning Unit KUH Fuel Quantity Measurement System • Self-sealing : 12.7mm AP / 14.5mm AP(FT1, 2 Tank partially) • Crash worthiness : 19.8m(65ft) height and...

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Hanwha aerospace division - 6

Innovative Solution for Aerospace Precision Control System Flight Control System Hanwha proudly represents its abilities in the production capability of the Flap Actuator(KT-1 Basic jet trainer), Flight Control Integrated Servo Actuator/Leading Edge Flap Actuation System(T-50 advanced jet trainer), and Main Rotor Actuator/Tail Rotor Actuator(Surion). These Certified Safety Items are the most crucial unit of which directly connects to the safety of the flight system, thus it proves Hanwha’s highly qualified development skills and expertise in the flight systems. KUH Main Rotor Actuator KUH...

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Hanwha aerospace division - 7

Innovative Solution for Aerospace Precision Control System Landing Gear System Accelerated by the technical skills built throughout the years of developing Hydraulic Control system, Hanwha successfully launched the Landing Gear system assignment, and supplied landing gear for UAV. Hanwha is focusing in the KF-X landing gear system to become the number one company in South Korea. VLJ(Very Light Jet) Landing Gear System • Landing gear system for class of MTOW 10,000 lbs • Total multi functional system for MLG / NLG including LVDT and RVDT KAORI-X Unmanned Landing system and Brake system •...

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Hanwha aerospace division - 8

Innovative Solution for Aerospace Precision Control System Guided Missile System Hanwha is consistently designing and manufacturing the vital components of guided missile such as Electro-Mechanical Actuator and Fuel supply system. Control / Electro-Mechanical Actuation System Fuel / engine systems • Electro-mechanical actuation system (actuator, controller, cable assembly, etc) • Actuator assembly(linear type / rotary type) • Actuation controller • Valve actuation system(flow control) • Cable assembly • Performance test equipment • Fuel pump assembly • Aircell assembly • Hydraulic block...

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