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X-ray TDI camera C12300 series - 1

X-ray TDI camera C12300 series X-ray image of cylindrical lithium-ion battery (LiB) The Pioneer of Inline X-ray Inspection High speed readout Compatible with high speed up to 144 m/min High resolution Pixel size: 48 μm Wide area Maximum detection width: 293 mm High sensitivity TDI 150 steps integration

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X-ray TDI camera C12300 series - 2

Features of an X-ray TDI camera TDI is a technology for achieving high-speed, high-resolution and high-sensitivity scanning over a wide area. Time Delay Integration is a technology of scanning in which a frame transfer device produces a continuous video image of a moving object by means of a stack of linear arrays aligned with and synchronized to the motion of the object to be imaged in such a way that, as the image moves from one line to the next, the integrated charge moves along with it, providing higher resolution at lower light levels is possible with a line-scan camera. Signal...

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X-ray TDI camera C12300 series - 3

Product line-up C12300-321 C12300-322 Standard model C12300-121 NEW Ultra high-speed model This standard model has a detection width of 221 mm and compatible tube voltage of 130 kV. The user can choose from two models to suit the application, the C12300-321 that scans at a speed of 20 kHz or the C12300-322 that scans at a high speed of 30 kHz. On this model, an ultra-high scan speed of 50 kHz has been achieved by shortening the detection width to 73 mm. This is ideal for capturing images of relatively small objects that are conveyed at high speed. C12300-323 NEW High energy-compatible model...

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X-ray TDI camera C12300 series - 4

Lithium-ion Battery (LiB) Inspection Lithium-ion batteries (LiB) are widely used as the power source of electric vehicles as a substitute for gasoline or as the batteries for smartphones and tablet terminals. Due to the increasing demand for LiBs, X-ray inspection for ensuring the quality of LiBs or for improving product yield is becoming more critical. The C12300 series enables high-definition inline inspection due to its high resolution of 48 µm/pixel and its capability to acquire distortion-free images without stopping moving objects. Recommended models C12300-121 (ultra high-speed...

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X-ray TDI camera C12300 series - 5

Imaging example Inspection of distance between electrodes of laminated LiBs Inspection of distance between electrodes of cylindrical LiBs Sample: Laminated LiB Detector: C12300-322 Tube voltage: 100 kV Magnification: 10 times Sample: Cylindrical LiB Detector: C12300-121 Tube voltage: 100 kV Magnification: 5 times Gaps between anode and cathode Gaps between anode and cathode The C12300 series can acquire distortion-free images in the carrying direction, the positions of electrodes in laminated LiBs can be precisely inspected by scanning them in their lamination direction. High-resolution,...

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X-ray TDI camera C12300 series - 6

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Inspection Developments in communications technology and automobiles have increased the demand for printed circuit boards (PCB) which are vital in our lives. This has resulted in higher demand for speed and accuracy in the inspection of defects on PCBs. The C12300 series features high sensitivity and is compatible with fast line speeds. As a result, it helps improve cycle time in inspection of defects such as voids that occur in soldered parts of electronic components on PCBs, uneven coating, and cracks in substrates. As a result of its bidirectional scanning...

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X-ray TDI camera C12300 series - 7

Food Inspection More and more processed foods, such as frozen food and baby food, that make our lives more convenient are appearing on the market. Consequently, concern for safety and security of food has increased all the more, which has resulted in the demand for higher precision in the inspection of packages and detection of contaminants. This low energy-compatible model of the C12300 series can also inspect soft objects that are difficult to generate contrast on, such as in the inspection of residual fish bones and in the inspection of food package bite-in, at high sensitivity....

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X-ray TDI camera C12300 series - 8

System Configuration X-ray source Standard configuration Options X-ray TDI camera Test article Power supply unit A8206-60 Frame grabber board Power cable 5 m A13967-05 Camera link cable SDR-MDR 5 m A11255-05 * A standard configuration includes only the camera. The power supply unit, power cable, camera link cable and software API are available as the optional. * When the C12300-461B is used, two camera link cables are required. * The image display equipment (computer and frame grabber board), the X-ray source and shield box etc. should be prepared separately. Options Type number A8206-60...

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