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Systems Products Condensed Catalog

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Systems Products Condensed Catalog - 2

SYSTEMS PRODUCTS Hard at work in ever-expanding fields from life science, optical communications, semiconductors, medical treatment and academic research all the way to outer space development! Hamamatsu Photonics is a prime mover in the field of "photonics technology" continually at work pursuing "light" through all its technical aspects. As part of this work, our Systems Division develops imaging systems and measurement/analysis systems that utilize the most advanced technologies involving light detection, image processing and image data analysis. These system products spring from basic...

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Systems Products Condensed Catalog - 3

CONTENTS Light Properties and Detection Technologies P4 – 5 ●Light Properties Semiconductor Wave Nature of Light, Particle Nature of Light, Velocity of Light P13 ●Failure Localization and Analysis Emission Microscope PHEMOS Series Inverted Emission Microscope iPHEMOS Series Time-Resolved Imaging Emission Microscope TriPHEMOS Thermal Emission Microscope THEMOS Series IR-OBIRCH Analysis System μAMOS-1000 ●Detection Technologies Wide Spectral Range Detection Technology Low Light Level Detection Technology Ultra High Speed Detection Technology ●Plasma Process Monitoring Multiband Plasma-process...

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Systems Products Condensed Catalog - 4

Light Properties and Detection Technologies Here we introduce some properties of light and give examples of our typical system products listed in this catalog using detection technology. Wave ●Young's experiment on interference Wave Nature of Light Light has the properties of a wave Light can be considered a type of electromagnetic wave like radio waves. These waves act just like the ripples you see on the water surface when you throw a stone in a pond. The properties of this light "wave" can be shown in a test with Young's experiment on interference. In this experiment, light from a light...

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Systems Products Condensed Catalog - 5

We can only see light within an extremely limited range. That range is about 400 nm (nanometers) to 700 nm and is called the visible light range. The other light ranges that we cannot normally see contain vast quantities of hidden information. At Hamamatsu Photonics we are developing systems capable of detecting and imaging a wide spectrum of light up to the X-ray and infrared ray ranges. ●Infrared reflectography Old pillar painting (Amida Hall of Hohkai Temple, Kyoto, Japan) (Photo courtesy of Mr. Sadatoshi Miura, National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo) [Light Spectrum]...

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Systems Products Condensed Catalog - 6

Cameras • Image Processing • X-ray Inspection I For Industrial and General Imaging These are high-performance cameras developed for image processing and measurement tasks and used in a wide range of fields including factory automation (FA). Select from a full lineup according to your particular application and needs. Cameras for OEM markets are also available. I Digital CCD Camera ORCA®- R2, ORCA-03G, -05G Cameras ideal for image processing and measurement tasks. Maintains a fine balance among features such as high sensitivity, high resolution, low noise, and high dynamic range. I...

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Systems Products Condensed Catalog - 7

Cameras • Image Processing • X-ray Inspection Imaging with High Sensitivity Cameras ideal for observing low-level fluorescence and emission where it is impossible for normal cameras to capture images. The ImagEM includes two selectable readout modes for applications such as real-time imaging of low light fluorescence and ultra low light luminescence detection. ■ EM-CCD Camera ImagEM Series R The ImagEM is a back-thinned type EM-CCD camera. The features include a high speed readout rate of 32 frames/s at full spatial resolution, maximum QE over 90% and cooling performance down to -90 ˚C to...

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Systems Products Condensed Catalog - 8

Cameras • Image Processing • X-ray Inspection Near Infrared Imaging Hamamatsu provides various types of cameras with sensitivity up through the near infrared region where the human eye cannot see any image. ❍InGaAs Camera C10633-13, -23 ❍Cooled InGaAs Camera C10633-34 ■ InGaAs Camera C10633-13, -23 The C10633-13 and -23 are InGaAs cameras with high sensitivity in the infrared region, especially in the range from 900 nm to 1700 nm. The camera head is compact and lightweight. Images are output through the analog (EIA) and USB connectors and can be readily displayed and stored on a PC using...

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Systems Products Condensed Catalog - 9

X-ray Non-Destructive In-line Inspection For non-destructive inspection, the X-ray line scan camera is effective in imaging a large area at high speed. I X-ray Line Scan Camera C9750 Series The C9750 series are high sensitivity, high resolution cameras for imaging of an object which moves continuously. It is useful for finding foreign substances in an object in a wide range of fields, such as a food product or an electronic component. It also offers a maximum effective area of approx. 6.5 meters (option). X-ray source Item under test X-ray Line Scan Camera I Dual-Energy X-ray Line Scan...

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Systems Products Condensed Catalog - 10

Life Science • Medical For Fluorescence and Luminescence Imaging High accuracy camera series for imaging microscopy. Hamamatsu has a number of cameras and systems depending on the intended use. ❍Digital Camera ❍Digital Camera ORCA-Flash4.0 ORCA-Flash2.8 ■ Digital Camera ORCA-Flash Series The ORCA-Flash series incorporates a scientific CMOS image sensor specially designed for scientific measurements using the latest and most advanced technology. It captures images at high resolution, high speed and low noise. The camera is suited for almost any scientific application from bright field...

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Systems Products Condensed Catalog - 11

The NanoZoomer series is a system that converts glass slides into digital slides by scanning them quickly at high resolutions. Digital slides can be stored as high-definition, high-quality digital image data in which you can zoom in and out on any portion of the entire sample with a simple mouse operation, as if you were operating a microscope. Databases Networks Large numbers of digital slides can be stored into a database and incorporated into a laboratory information system. Using the Internet or a local area network, you can observe and evaluate slides from a distant location. Slide...

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