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Spectroscopic modules C15712, C15713, C15714 - 1

Compact module with MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor and light source This compact module has a built-in light source, control circuit, and MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor consisting of an InGaAs PIN photodiode and MEMS-FPI (Fabry-Perot Interferometer) tunable filter which can vary its transmission wavelength by changing the applied voltage. Spectrum and absorbance can be measured by connecting a PC via USB. The product includes evaluation software with functions for setting measurement conditions, acquiring and saving data, drawing graphs, and so on. Furthermore, the dynamic link library (DLL) function specifications are disclosed, so users can create their original measurement software programs. Compact, thin case Moisture detection MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor and light source are installed. Food inspection S pectral response range C15712: 1350 to 1650 nm C15713: 1550 to 1850 nm C15714: 1750 to 2150 nm Farm product inspection Plastic screening Fabric identification, etc. External power supply not necessary: USB 2.0 bus powered T ransmission wavelength shift due to the ambient temperature change is corrected. High-speed measurement Structure Parameter Light source Interface Dimensions Weight C15713 MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor C13272-03 Tungsten lamp USB 2.0 micro-B 74 × 32 × 16 82 Absolute maximum ratings Parameter Operating temperature*1 Storage temperature*1 Symbol Topr Tstg When there is a temperature difference between a product and the surrounding area in high humidity environments, dew condensation may occur on the product surface. Dew condensation on the product may cause deterioration in characteristics and reliability. Note: Exceeding the absolute maximum ratings even momentarily may cause a drop in product quality. Always be sure to use the product within the absolute maximum ratings.

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Spectroscopic modules C15712, C15713, C15714 - 2

Spectroscopic modules Optical characteristics (Ta=25 °C unless otherwise noted) Parameter Spectral response Spectral resolution (FWHM)*3 Wavelength reproducibility*4 Wavelength temperature dependence*5 *2: Minimum step 0.1 nm, maximum 901 wavelength points can be set. *3: When the light [line spectrum resolution (FWHM)=3 nm max.] is input from the optical fiber (core diameter=600 µm, NA=0.22) connected by the fiber adapter A15719. *4: When the incident light condition and usage environment are constant *5: Topr=-5 to +50 °C, C15712: λ=1500 nm, C15713: λ=1700 nm, C15714: λ=1950 nm Spectral...

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Spectroscopic modules C15712, C15713, C15714 - 3

Spectroscopic modules Spectral response (typical example) C15712 1.0 Relative output [Ta=25 °C, line spectrum resolution (FWHM)=3 nm max.] λ=1550 nm λ=1600 nm λ=1650 nm λ=1700 nm λ=1750 nm KACCB0625EA λ=1800 nm λ=1850 nm Relative output

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Spectroscopic modules C15712, C15713, C15714 - 4

Spectroscopic modules Relative output Evaluation software (accessory) By installing the evaluation software (FPIModuleEvaluation.exe) into a PC, you can perform the following basic operations. ⸱ ⸱ ⸱ ⸱ Acquire, save measurement data Set measurement conditions Set built-in lamp Acquire module information (type number, serial number, spectral response range, etc.) ⸱ Display graphs ⸱ Calculation functions Comparison with the reference data (reflectance, absorbance, etc.) Note: p to eight spectroscopic modules can be connected to a U single PC and used. Compatible OS: Microsoft® Windows® 10...

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Spectroscopic modules C15712, C15713, C15714 - 5

Connection example Spectroscopic modules Connection examples Reflected light measurement Place cloth, plastic, etc. on the window material of the spectroscopic module connected to a PC via USB. The light from the light source built into the spectroscopic module strikes the object, and the spectroscopic module measures the reflected light. Connection example Spectroscopic module Transmitted light measurement When measuring transmitted light, a light source must be prepared (the light source built into the spectroscopic module cannot be used). Light source Measurement example (cloth)...

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Spectroscopic modules C15712, C15713, C15714 - 6

Spectroscopic modules Dimensional outline (unit: mm) 32 24 +1 16-0.5 Photosensitive area 3.5 Tolerance unless otherwise noted: ±0.5 C 1.0 Accessories ⸱ CD-ROM (instruction manual, evaluation software, sample software, DLL, etc.) ⸱ USB cable (USB 2.0 micro-B connector type) Precautions This product has a built-in high-voltage power supply. To avoid danger, do not disassemble. Options (sold separately) Optical fiber adapter A15719 This is an adapter for simply coupling an optical fiber with an SMA connector to the spectroscopic module (C15712, C15713, C15714). Fix it to the spectroscopic...

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Spectroscopic modules C15712, C15713, C15714 - 7

Spectroscopic modules Related information www.hamamatsu.com/sp/ssd/doc_en.html Precautions ⸱ Disclaimer Technical information ⸱ MEMS-FPI spectrum sensors, spectroscopic modules Information described in this material is current as of March 2022. Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements or other reasons. This document has been carefully prepared and the information contained is believed to be accurate. In rare cases, however, there may be inaccuracies such as text errors. Before using these products, always contact us for the delivery specification...

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