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Si photodiodes S2592/S3477 series - 1

Si photodiodes S2592/S3477 series Thermoelectrically cooled photodiodes for low-light-level detection in UV to near IR The S2592/S3477 series sensors combine a UV to near infrared Si photodiode with a thermoelectric cooler. A thermistor is also included in the same package to sense the Si photodiode chip temperature. This allows stable operation over long periods of time, making these sensors suitable for low-light-level detection where a high S/N is required. The S2592 series is hermetically sealed in a TO-8 package, and the S3477 series in a TO-66 package. A dedicated temperature controller (C1103-04) and heatsink (A3179 series) are also available as options (sold separately). Low-light-level detection High UV sensitivity Built-in thermistor allows stable operation. Structure Parameter Built-in photodiode Window material Photosensitive area Package S2592-04 S1336 series Sapphire glass Absolute maximum ratings Parameter Reverse voltage Operating temperature Storage temperature Allowable current for thermoelectric cooler Thermistor power dissipation Symbol VR Topr Tstg Note: Exceeding the absolute maximum ratings even momentarily may cause a drop in product quality. Always be sure to use the product within the absolute maximum ratings. Electrical and optical characteristics (Typ. Ta=25 °C) Parameter Spectral response range Peak sensitivity wavelength Photosensitivity Short circuit current Dark current Temperature coefficient of dark current Rise time Terminal capacitance Shunt resistance Noise equivalent power Cooling temperature

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Si photodiodes S2592/S3477 series - 2

Spectral response Photosensitivity temperature characteristics (Typ. Ta=25 °C) Shunt resistance vs. element temperature Cooling characteristics of TE-cooler Shunt resistance

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Si photodiodes S2592/S3477 series - 3

Current vs. voltage characteristics of TE-cooler 1.6 Thermistor temperature characteristics Dimensional outlines (unit: mm) S2592 series ɸ15.3 ± 0.2 Photosensitive surface Detector (anode) Detector (cathode) TE-cooler (-) TE-cooler (+) Thermistor 5.1 ± 0.2 K

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Si photodiodes S2592/S3477 series - 4

Photosensitive surface ϕ9.3 Thermistor Thermistor Detector (anode) Detector (cathode) TE-cooler (-) TE-cooler (+) KSPDA0

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Si photodiodes S2592/S3477 series - 5

Temperature controller for TE-cooled detector C1103-04 By adjusting the current flowing through the thermoelectric cooler in a one-stage or twostage thermoelectrically cooled detector, the C1103-04 maintains the detector element at a constant temperature. The cooling temperature can be easily set by using the control knob on the front panel. Accessories Instruction manual 4-conductor cable (with a connector, 3 m) Power supply cable Specifications Setting element temperature Applicable detectors*2 Temperature stability Temperature control output current Power supply Power consumption...

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Si photodiodes S2592/S3477 series - 6

Heatsink for TE-cooled detector (TO-8 package) A3179 The A3179 heatsink is designed for thermoelectrically cooled detectors having a 6-pin TO-8 package. Heat dissipation capacity for the A3179 is about 35 °C versus the ambient temperature 25 °C. Dimensional outlines (unit: mm, tolerance unless otherwise noted: ±0.3) Photosensitive surface*3 Detector metal package Weight: 50 g approx. *1: Bottom surface (reference surface) of detector metal package *2: When the detector is installed *3: The position of the photosensitive surface differs according to the detector used. Refer to the...

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Si photodiodes S2592/S3477 series - 7

Precautions against UV light exposure ∙ When UV light irradiation is applied, the product characteristics may degrade. Such examples include degradation of the product’s UV sensitivity and increase in dark current. This phenomenon varies depending on the irradiation level, irradiation intensity, usage time, and ambient environment and also varies depending on the product model. Before employing the product, we recommend that you check the tolerance under the ultraviolet light environment that the product will be used in. ∙ Exposure to UV light may cause the characteristics to degrade due to...

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