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Si APD S14644 series - 1

High speed, compact Si APD for LiDAR (800 nm band) featuring low-bias operation The S14644 series is a compact, surface mount type Si APD that achieves high sensitivity in the 800 nm band. This is suitable for laser monitoring of optical rangefinders widely used from consumer electronics to industrial use. Optical rangefinders Peak sensitivity wavelength: 800 nm (M=100) Low-bias operation: Breakdown voltage=180 V max. H igh-speed response: Cutoff frequency=1 GHz typ. (λ=800 nm, M=100) Reduction of breakdown voltage variation 160 ± 20 V Structure Parameter Photosensitive area*1 Effective photosensitive area Package Glass epoxy (silicone resin) *1: Photosensitive area in which a typical gain can be obtained Absolute maximum ratings Parameter Reverse current (DC) Forward current Operating temperature*2 Storage temperature*2 Soldering temperature Symbol IR max IF max Topr Tstg Tsol When there is a temperature difference between a product and the surrounding area in high humidity environments, dew condensation may occur on the product surface. Dew condensation on the product may cause deterioration in characteristics and reliability. *3: Reflow soldering, JEDEC J-STD-020 MSL 2a, see P.5 Note: xceeding the absolute maximum ratings even momentarily may cause a drop in product quality. Always be sure to use the E product within the absolute maximum ratings.

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Si APD S14644 series - 2

Electrical and optical characteristics (Ta=25 °C) Parameter Spectral response range Peak sensitivity wavelength Photosensitivity Quantum efficiency Breakdown voltage Temperature coefficient of Spectral response breakdown voltage Dark current Temperature coefficient of dark current Quantum efficiency 0.63 vs. wavelength - Cutoff frequency Terminal capacitance Excess noise figure Gain Spectral response Quantum efficiency vs. wavelength Quantum efficiency (%)

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Si APD S14644 series - 3

Dark current vs. reverse voltage Terminal capacitance vs. reverse voltage Gain vs. reverse voltage (Typ. λ=800 nm)

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Si APD S14644 series - 4

(Typ. M=100, light source: tungsten lamp) 0° 10° 20° 30° Dimensional outline Dimensional outline (unit: mm) Photosensitive area A Cathode mark Photosensitive surface (0.4) Photosensitive area position accuracy: X, Y≤±0.2 Recommended land pattern Type no. Tolerance unless otherwise noted: ±0.2

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Si APD S14644 series - 5

Standard packing specifications ndard packing specifications Reel (conforms to JEITA ET-7200) Outer diameter ϕ180 mm Electrostatic characteristics Conductive Embossed tape (unit: mm, material: PS, conductive) 1.75 ± 0.1 Recommended reflow soldering condition KPINC0023EB Packing quantity Packing type Reel and desiccant in moisture-proof packaging (vacuum-sealed) Recommended reflow soldering conditions 300 °C Peak temperature - 5 °C 30 s max. Cooling 6 °C/s max. ∙ fter unpacking, store the device in an environment A at a temperature of 30 °C or less and a humidity of 60% or less, and perform...

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Si APD S14644 series - 6

Related information Precautions ∙ Disclaimer ∙ Surface mount type products Technical information ‧ Si photodiodes / Technical note Information described in this material is current as of March 2021. Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements or other reasons. This document has been carefully prepared and the information contained is believed to be accurate. In rare cases, however, there may be inaccuracies such as text errors. Before using these products, always contact us for the delivery specification sheet to...

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