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Picosecond fluorescence lifetime measurement system C11200 - 1

Picosecond fluorescence lifetime measurement system C11200 Captures fluorescence phenomena with 1 ps temporal resolution using 2D photon counting method. Enables simultaneous fluorescence lifetime analysis and time-resolved spectrophotometry.

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Picosecond fluorescence lifetime measurement system C11200 - 2

Directly captures temporal variations of laser-excited fluorescence with 1 ps resolution. Photoluminescence which is represented by fluorescence, phosphorescence, or delayed fluorescence is one of the energy release processes to be observed when molecules return from the excited state to the ground state. Measurement of photoluminescence decay with an ultra-fast pulsed excitation light is generally called as fluorescence lifetime measurement and studied to reveal various dynamics of excited molecules. Recently, development of various kinds of materials such as organic/inorganic phosphors,...

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Picosecond fluorescence lifetime measurement system C11200 - 3

Fluorescence phenomena at multiple wavelengths can be measured simultaneously. Features 1 ps temporal resolution The system uses a streak camera that can achieve a temporal resolution of 1 ps. Simultaneous multi-wavelength measurement Time-resolved spectrum is acquired in a very short time since fluorescence lifetimes are measured over multiple wavelengths without scanning. Two-dimensional photon counting Ultra-high sensitivity and simultaneous multiple-wavelength measurement capabilities are realized by the combination of photon counting and streak camera techniques. Because fluorescence...

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Picosecond fluorescence lifetime measurement system C11200 - 4

Flexible system configuration supports various types of fluorescence phenomena System configuration Example when used with ORCA®-spark Digital CMOS camera C11440-36U Mount table for C11440-36U A11771-04 Mode-locked Ti-sapphire laser Spectrograph mount table A11350-84 Input optics A1976-01 Universal streak camera C10910-01 Spectrograph f=300 mm C11119-04 Power supply Output optics A11695-21 Synchronous delay generator C10647-01 Mode-locked Ti-sapphire laser Example when used with Slow single sweep unit for C10910 M10913-11 Pin photo diode head C15146-01 ND filter set for streak camera A7664...

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Picosecond fluorescence lifetime measurement system C11200 - 5

Fluorescence lifetime measurement software with enhanced functions Fluorescence lifetime measurement software Measurement screen Controls a streak camera, a spectrograph and a delay generator from a PC. The streak camera, spectrograph and delay generator control windows are displayed on the PC monitor, which make it easy to change measurement parameters such as time scales and monitor wavelength selection. The "Auto delay" function eliminates the need to adjust the timing for each time scale even when the scale was changed. Real-time display of time profiles and spectrum Time profiles or...

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Picosecond fluorescence lifetime measurement system C11200 - 6

The streak camera enables time-resolved photon counting at multiple wavelengths in a single measurement. Operating principle, functions and performance Sweep Voltage Generator Trigger signal Photocathode Accelerating electrode Deflection electrode Phosphor screen Streak image Incident light Figure 1: Operating principle of the streak camera 1. Principle of streak method This section explains the principle and features of fluorescence lifetime measurements using the streak camera. (In the following description, this method is simply called the "streak method"). The heart of the streak camera...

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Picosecond fluorescence lifetime measurement system C11200 - 7

3. Functions of the streak camera Measurement examples The streak method offers the following features: (a) High temporal resolution Wide dynamic range and high S/N ratio due to photon counting integration Simultaneous multiple-wavelength measurement for fluorescence lifetime analysis and time-resolved spectrophotometry [High temporal resolution] Conventional time-correlated single photon counting methods using a photomultiplier tube have proven inadequate in fluorescence lifetime measurement and rise-time analysis in the order of subnanoseconds, because temporal resolution is limited to...

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Picosecond fluorescence lifetime measurement system C11200 - 8

The optimum system can be tailored to your samples by selecting the excitation light source, optics, spectrograph, etc. Configuration and specifications 1 Excitation light source PLP-10 YAG laser Other lasers 6 Peripheral equipment 2 Standard optical systems Synchronous delay generator Solution and film measurement optical system Single fiber optics Sample holder Delay unit Digital delay generator Spectrograph mount table Detector + Input optics + Output optics + Readout camera ORCA®-Flash4.0 V3 Digital CMOS camera Input optics Universal streak camera Output optics ORCA®-spark Digital CMOS...

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Picosecond fluorescence lifetime measurement system C11200 - 9

1 Excitation light source To excite a specimen, various pulsed light sources are provided. PLP-10 Laser diode head M10306 The PLP-10 is a picosecond light pulser using a temperature controlled laser diode. It is virtually maintenance-free and generates stable picosecond pulsed light over a long period of time. 3 Spectrograph Spectrograph f=300 mm C11119-04 The C11119-04 is a Czerny-Turner type spectrograph with a focal length of 300 mm and an aperture of F/3.9. Due to the aberration-corrected optics, it is highly efficient in focusing light to the streak camera detector, enabling...

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Picosecond fluorescence lifetime measurement system C11200 - 10

4 Detector, Input optics, Output optics, Readout camera The heart of the C11200 system is an ultrafast optical detector - the universal streak camera C10910. It can capture very weak luminescence phenomena, from picoseconds to milliseconds, achieving very high signal-to-noise ratio within short measuring times due its high repetition rates of up to 165 MHz. The spatial axis of the C10910 allows multichannel spectral measurement, making it the ideal detector for time-resolved spectroscopy. The system is completely remote-controlled from the data analyzer. Universal streak camera C10910 Input...

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Picosecond fluorescence lifetime measurement system C11200 - 11

5 Data analyzer C6760-60, -61, -70, -71 The dedicated software controls the streak camera, spectrograph and peripheral units to perform fluorescence lifetime analysis. The software runs under Windows®. Fitting analysis enables 5 component analysis. Control functions Universal Streak camera C10910 Time axis setting Gain setting Shutter control Spectrograph f=300 mm C11119-04 Center wavelength setting Grating selection Data acquisition functions Photon-counting integration (Peak Detection, Center of garvity) Analog integration The C15936 is a passive delay unit, with zero jitter, used for...

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