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I Selection guide - September 2013 Opto-semiconductor Modules Related products and circuits that enable semiconductor elements to operate at peak performance. A broad range of customization is available.

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Opto-semiconductor Modules - 2

Opto-semiconductor Modules Related products and circuits that enable opto-semiconductor devices to operate at peak performance We can also provide customized products. Feel free to contact us with your request. Here at Hamamatsu Photonics, we use the unique opto-semiconductor technology that we have accumulated over the years to develop and manufacture Si photodiodes, APDs, MPPCs, image sensors, LEDs, and other opto-semiconductors. To make these optosemiconductors easier to use and more widely used, we have developed opto-semiconductor modules that combine Hamamatsu opto-semiconductor,...

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Opto-semiconductor Modules - 3

Radiation detector modules ······ 10 Light position, light-level, and color detection modules ····· 15 Related products and circuits for infrared detectors and image sensors ··········· 22 Photodiode modules, Photosensor amplifiers ··················· 15 High sensitivity type ······················ 10 Infrared detection modules with preamps ··· 22 PSD modules, PSD signal processing circuits ········· 17 Multichannel detector heads ··········· 23 Circuits for image sensors ··············· 24 Color sensor modules ····················· 20 Flame eyes, Sunlight sensor············ 21...

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Opto-semiconductor Modules - 4

Technologies That Create Opto-semiconductor Modules Optical components (filter, lens, etc.) Opto-semiconductor module configuration example Photodiode, image sensor, etc. Photosensor Signal processing (analog/digital) Light emitter Th e d e t e c t o r, w h i ch i s t h e h e a r t o f t h e m o d u l e , u s e s H a m a m a t s u o p t o semiconductors, which have a long track record for many years in the fields of analysis, measurement, automotive, and consumer products. Not only can you select photosensors and light sources from the wide lineup of opto-semiconductors that Hamamatsu has...

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Opto-semiconductor Modules - 5

Optimized for optical devices and applications Supports high sensitivity, low noise, high speed, and multiple channels Circuit example Circuit mounting example 04 Mounting technology Our mounting technology combines compactness, high functionality, and low cost. Flip-chip bonding technology: A flip chip is directly bonded to a board through the use of a solder bump. Front-end IC technology: A custom first-stage analog signal processing circuit and a photosensitive area are bonded together. • COB (chip on board): A chip is directly mounted onto a board, and this results in a smaller mounting...

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Opto-semiconductor Modules - 6

Customization example Optics Module An optics module is a custom opto-semiconductor module that consists of a photosensor, a light source, optical components (lenses, filters, etc.), circuits (analog and digital), an enclosure, and the like. We integrate our technologies to provide optics modules whose specifications meet the requirements of our customers, such as modules for blood analysis. A blood analysis device measures the light absorbance of blood and the fluorescence that results when blood reacts with reagents and is exposed to light. Blood analysis devices are used to detect the...

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Opto-semiconductor Modules - 7

Low-light-level detection modules fi Examples of optical sensors and modules that correspond to different light levels and applications Flow cytometry Astronomical observation Optical topography Scanning laser Particle counter f One sixth- ~\f One zero- "\ f Constellations"^ /"FuN "\ /Indoor^ (sunrise or sunset)//Eloudy\/'£lear sky in ymagnitude starJ ymagnitude stary Von dear night J yrnoory ylightingy -^—K—y day yymidsummer Note: Reference data Correlation between the number of incident photons, irradiance, and illuminance is shown for light at X- 555 nm, Opto-semiconductor Moduli

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Opto-semiconductor Modules - 8

MPPC modules Hamamatsu MPPC modules are optical measurement modules capable of measuring light over a wide range of light levels (10 orders of magnitude) from the photon-counting region up to the nW (nano watt) region. MPPC modules contain a signal amplifier circuit, a high-voltage power supply circuit, and other components needed for MPPC operation. MPPC modules operate just by connecting them to a power supply (±5 V, etc.). Analog output type (Typ. Ta=25 °C, λ=λp, unless otherwise noted) Pixel pitch Internal MPPC Noise equivalent power High-band cutoff frequency Supply voltage Temperature...

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Opto-semiconductor Modules - 9

Low-light-level detection modules APD modules These modules combine APDs, low-noise amplifiers, and bias power supplies in a compact form. (Typ. Ta=25 °C, unless otherwise noted) For near infrared light Effective Cutoff frequency photosensitive Built-in APD area Low speed High speed (mm)*1 Minimum detection limit λ=800 nm Photoelectric conversion sensitivity λ=800 nm (V/W) Temperature stability of gain 25 ± 10 °C (%) S4315-04 Two-stage TEcooled type TE-cooled type *1: Area in which a typical gain can be obtained *2: λ=620 nm Block diagram (C12702 series) High voltage generator +200 V +5 V...

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