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Mini-spectrometer TG series C9405CC - 1

Enhanced near infrared sensitivity type The C9405CC is a polychromator integrated with optical elements, an image sensor and a driver circuit. Light to be measured is guided into the entrance port of TG series through an optical fiber and the spectrum measured with the built-in image sensor is output from the USB port to a PC for data acquisition. Compared to the previous product, the C9405CC delivers even higher sensitivity in the near infrared region because it uses a back-thinned CCD image sensor with enhanced near infrared sensitivity. The C9405CC comes supplied with free evaluation software that allows setting measurement conditions, acquiring and saving data, and displaying graphs. Original measurement software can be designed on an end-user’s side as DLL’s function specification is disclosed. Enhanced near infrared sensitivity: about twice higher than previous type Detection of saccharic acids in foods Film thickness meter Improved etaloning characteristics High throughput due to transmission grating made of quartz Easy to install into equipment Wavelength conversion factor is recorded in internal memory*1 Accepts external trigger input *1: A conversion factor for converting the image sensor pixel number into a wavelength is recorded in the module. A calculation factor for converting the A/D converted count into the input light intensity is not provided. High sensitivity in near infrared region Spectral response (Typ. Ta=25 °C) Relative sensitivity (%) Using a CCD image sensor with enhanced near infrared sensitivity, the C9405CC offers high sensitivity in the near infrared region, which is about 2 times higher than the previous product. In particular, high sensitivity at wavelengths longer than 800 nm makes the C9405CC suitable for measurement of brix (sugar concentrations) and acidity in foods, where sensitivity from 800 to 1000 nm is required.

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Mini-spectrometer TG series C9405CC - 2

Optical characteristics Parameter Spectral response range Spectral resolution (FWHM)*2 Wavelength Wavelength temperature dependence Spectral stray light*2 *4 *2: Depends on the slit opening. Values were measured with the slit listed in the table “ Structure”. *3: Measured under constant light input conditions *4: When monochromatic light of 800 nm is input, spectral stray light is defined as the ratio of the count measured at the input wavelength, to the count measured in a region of the input wavelength ±40 nm. Note: The C9405CC generates high-order light due to the structure, because the...

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Mini-spectrometer TG series C9405CC - 3

Linearity (typical example) Typical example of A/D output Ideal value of A/D output Difference between ideal value and typical example A/D output is the output with dark output is subtracted when light is input. The difference between the ideal value and typical example contains a measurement error. The smaller the A/ D output, the larger the measurement error. Dark output vs. ambient temperature (typical example) (Integration time=1 s) A/D output (averaged over all pixels) A/D output is the sum of the sensor and circuit offset outputs and the sensor dark output. Difference between ideal...

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Mini-spectrometer TG series C9405CC - 4

Connection example (transmission light measurement) Light to be measured is guided into the entrance port of TG series through an optical fiber and the spectrum measured with the built-in image sensor is output through the USB port to a PC for data acquisition. There are no moving parts inside the unit so stable measurements are obtained at all times. An optical fiber that guides light input from external sources allows a flexible measurement setup. Light source Quartz cell (For holding liquid sample) KACCC0355EB Optical component layout TG series mini-spectrometers use a transmission...

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Mini-spectrometer TG series C9405CC - 5

Evaluation software package (supplied with unit) Installing the evaluation software package (Spec Evaluation.exe)*8 into your PC allows running the following basic tasks: · Measurement data acquisition and save · Measurement condition setup · Module information acquisition (wavelength conversion factor, polychromator type, etc.) · Graphic display · Arithmetic operation Pixel number to wavelength conversion Comparison calculation with reference data (transmittance, reflectance) Dark subtraction Gaussian approximation (peak position and count, FWHM) Note: · Two or more mini-spectrometers can...

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Mini-spectrometer TG series C9405CC - 6

Accessories · USB cable · Dedicated software (evaluation software, sample software, DLL) · AC adapter (for power supply) Options (sold separately) · Optical fiber for light input Type no Product name Applicable mini-spectrometer Fiber for visible/near infrared range Specification NA=0.22, length 1.5 m, connectorized SMA905D at both ends · Coaxial cable for external trigger input A10670 Dimensional outline (unit: mm) ϕ6.4 Cable length: 1.5 m Cable specification: 1.5QEV 26.0 LEMO connector FFA.00.250 (made by LEMO) 31.7 BNC connector BNC-P-1.5 (40) (made by HIROSE or equivalent) KACCA0220EB...

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