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MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor C14273 - 1

MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor C14273 Ultra-compact near infrared spectrum sensor that integrates MEMS-FPI tunable filter and photosensor The MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor C14273 is a ultra-compact sensor that houses a MEMS-FPI (Fabry-Perot Interferometer) tunable filter that can vary its transmission wavelength depending on the applied voltage and InGaAs PIN photodiode in a single package. The spectral response range is 1750 to 2150 nm. It is suitable for installation in simple, compact instruments for measuring material absorbance and the like. Built-in Hamamatsu InGaAs PIN photodiode single element chip Moisture detection Spectral response range: 1750 to 2150 nm Installation into mobile measuring devices Ingredient analysis (food, etc.) Ultra-compact: TO-5 package Ultra light: 1 g Hermetically sealed package: High reliability in high humidity environment Built-in thermistor Built-in band-pass filter for cutting off wavelengths outside the spectral response range Lineup of MEMS-FPI spectrum sensors Spectral response range typ. (nm) 1350 to 1650 1550 to 1850 1750 to 2150 Spectral resolution (FWHM) max. (nm) 18 20 22 Peak transmission wavelength vs. filter control voltage (typical example) Peak transmission wavelength (nm) Filter control voltage (V) KACCB0482EC

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MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor C14273 - 2

MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor Absolute maximum ratings (Ta=25 °C unless otherwise noted) Parameter Filter control voltage*1 Photosensor reverse voltage Photosensor forward current Operating temperature*2 Storage temperature*2 Recommended soldering conditions Symbol VR IF Topr Tstg - Terminals other than photosensor terminals Between the anode and cathode of the photosensor *1: Applying a voltage that is +0.5 V or higher than Vλ1750nm (filter control voltage to transmit light at λ=1750 nm) at a specific temperature may damage the MEMS-FPI tunable filter. For Vλ1750nm of individual products at...

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MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor C14273 - 3

MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor Temperature characteristics of Vλ1750nm (typical example) (Incident angle=0°, photosensor NA=0.09) Spectral resolution (FWHM) (nm) Spectral resolution vs. peak transmisson wavelength (typical example) Peak transmisson wavelength (nm) KACCB0503EA Peak transmission wavelength vs. ambient temperature (typical example) Peak transmission wavelength (nm) The broken line corresponds to data when the built-in band-pass filter is removed. The C14273 cannot detect the peak transmission wavelength accurately in this range. This is because when the ambient temperature is less...

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MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor C14273 - 4

MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor Filter control voltage vs. ambient temperature (typical example) (Incident angle=0°, photosensor NA=0.09) Filter control voltage (V) Spectral transmittance characteristics of band-pass filter (typical example) Thermistor resistance vs.temperature (typical example)

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MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor C14273 - 5

MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor Transmittance of MEMS-FPI tunable filter vs. wavelength (typical example) 100 There is tolerance in filter control voltage for arbitrary peak transmission wavelength from unit to unit. The individual data for Vλ2150nm and Vλ1750nm at Ta=25 °C is to be described in an inspection sheet attached with a product on delivery.

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MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor C14273 - 6

MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor Dimensional outline (unit: mm) ϕ9.14 ± 0.2 ϕ8.2 ± 0.1 ϕ1.5 ± 0.1 Photosensitive area ϕ0.3 Filter ϕ0.75 Photosensitive surface Borosilicate glass MEMS-FPI tunable filter Photosensitive area position accuracy: ±0.25 Filter position accuracy: ±0.3 (with respect to center of package base) CASE LOW-MIR NTC-2 NTC-1 UP-MIR CASE InGaAs-Anode InGaAs-Cathode Bottom view KACCA0416EA Name CASE LOW-MIR NTC-2 NTC-1 UP-MIR CASE InGaAs-Anode InGaAs-Cathode Input/Output Input Output Output Input Output Output Description Case connection MEMS-FPI tunable filter lower electrode For...

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MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor C14273 - 7

MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor Marking information Description Shape: rectangle Cell size: 0.14 × 0.14 mm Symbol size: 12 × 26 cell Input information example: C14273, **##### (“Type no.” + “,” + “Serial no.”) Type no. Serial no. **: information on year and month #####: number of five digits (number of individual product) Marking item Note: K E Y EN C E C O R P O R AT IO N c o de r e a de r S R-10 0 0 i s recommended for reading the DataMatrix. Connection example LOW-MIR MEMS-FPI tunable filter DC voltage control unit InGaAs-Cathode CASE InGaAs PIN photodiode Thermistor MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor K

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MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor C14273 - 8

MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor structure The MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor is composed of a MEMS-FPI tunable filter, photosensor (photodiode), and the like. It has a simple structure in which a MEMS-FPI tunable filter and photosensor is arranged on the same axis as the direction of the incident light. Though this product is a spectrum sensor, it uses a single-element photosensor and does not require an expensive multichannel photosensor. Internal structure Band-pass filter MEMS-FPI tunable filter Spacer Photosensor Wiring board MEMS-FPI tunable filter The MEMS-FPI tunable filter...

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MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor C14273 - 9

MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor Spectral response (typical example) 1.0 Relative output

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MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor C14273 - 10

MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor Evaluation circuit for MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor C13294-02 (sold separately) The C13294-02 is a circuit board designed to simply evaluate the C14272, C13272-02/-03, and C14273 MEMS-FPI spectrum sensors. By connecting the circuit board to a PC (sold separately) with a USB cable (A-micro B type) and using the accompanying evaluation software*10, you can evaluate the characteristics of the C14272, C13272-02/-03, and C14273. *10: Compatible OS Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional SP1 (32-bit/64-bit) Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro (32-bit, 64-bit) Microsoft Windows 10 Pro...

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MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor C14273 - 11

MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor Precautions Note the following when handling the product and also after installing into a device. Handling ∙ When touching the product, it is recommended to wear gloves or use tweezers. Touching the product with bare hands may cause degradation in characteristics and plating corrosion and may lead to problems with solder wettability. ∙ Perform work in a clean place. Filter control voltage ∙ Apply filter control voltage as defined by the absolute maximum ratings. Applying a filter control voltage exceeding the absolute maximum ratings may damage the MEMS-FPI tunable...

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