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IR-OBIRCH analysis system

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IR-OBIRCH Analysis System -1000 Overview The μAMOS is a semiconductor failure analysis system which uses the IR-OBIRCH method for localization of leakage current paths and the abnormal resistance points in LSI devices. Artificial shortages Artificial shortages Current Line Current Path ▲ Refractive image (Backside observation) ▲ OBIRCH image Objective lens: NIR 100× Objective lens: NIR 100× Voltage: 4.8 V Current: 1 mA PRINCIPLE OF OBIRCH ANALYSIS Laser : = 1.3 μm Laser (front side) Leakage Current Path I A1 or or Heated A1 V I ( R/V)I2 I Si-sub. T, TCR Laser (backside) V= R×I I : Current...

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IR-OBIRCH Analysis System Measurement examples DRAM, Vdd-GND leakage current failure analysis ▲ IR-OBIRCH image ▲ Observation result under high magnification The leakage current path is displayed in dark contrast and (IR-OBIRCH superimposed image) the defect location is displayed in bright contrast. The bright contrast was detected between the Al lines. ▲ Cross-sectional TEM image of defect location Short circuit exists due to remaining barrier metal. Data supplied by Renesas Technology Corporation. IDDQ failure analysis ^ IR-OBIRCH image (Superimposed) Interconnect where current is flowing...

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Contact failure: Via contact areas have high resistance Detection of a faulty contact among a number of contacts Data courtesy of Dr.P. Jacob ▲ IR-OBIRCH image (Superimposed) ▲ Cross-sectional SEM image of defect location Short circuit between lines: Short circuit due to remaining polymer Example of short circuit due to remaining polymer between the first and second layers ▲ IR-OBIRCH image (Superimposed) Data courtesy of Dr.P. Jacob ▲ Cross-sectional SEM image of defect location Function failure: Void in lines - Identification example of defect location causing function failure in an LSI...

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IR-OBIRCH Analysis System IR confocal laser scan microscope The IR confocal laser scan microscope obtains clear, high-contrast pattern images by scanning the backside of a chip with the infrared laser. Within 1 second a pattern image can be acquired. By the flexible scan in 4 directions, it is possible to scan a device from different directions without rotating it. Scanning in parallel with a metal line makes OBIRCH image clearer. The function is also usefu in OBIRCH analysis using a digital lock-in and soft defect localization Dual scan: Obtain a pattern image and an IR-OBIRCH image...

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IR-OBIRCH Analysis System Overview of optional functions A8018 High NA 50x objective lens This lens was specifically designed for infrared observations of wavelengths 1 \im or greater. Laser light-gathering efficiency is increased and pattern image resolution is improved with OBIRCH detection sensitivity and high magnification. • Si substrate thickness correction function: 0 \im to 700 \im • Glass thickness correction function: 0 mm/2 mm switching • Evaluation results of high NA 50x objective lens (comparison of high NA 50x objective lens with M plan NIR 100x lens) NIR100x (NA0.5) High NA,...

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Overview of optional functions Dynamic analysis by laser stimulation kit (DALS) A9771 Due to high integration and increased performance of LSI, functional failure analysis under LSI tester connection becomes very important. Dynamic analysis by laser stimulation (DALS) is a new method to analyze device operation conditions by means of laser radiation Stimulate a device with a 1.3 jim laser while operating it with test patterns by LSI tester. Then device operation status (pass/fail) changes due to heat generated by the laser. The pass/fail signal change is expressed as an image that indicates...

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External connection/Specifications Connection with the FA-Navigation failure analysis support system Combining detection signals from |iAMOS-1000 and design data, and automatically extracting suspicious signal lines contributes to making the work of narrowing down the malfunction locations more effective and to reducing the time needed to clarify the route cause. Analysis is easily possible using GDS II only at both laboratory and office Failure information physical analysis information Wiring information logic information Failure localization supported by FA-Navigation Pattern...

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