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Electron Tube Products Condensed Catalog

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Electrom Tube Products Condensed Catalog - 2

Development and production centers for light sensors, light sources, and application-specific products utilizing light to support a wide range of needs in medical diagnosis/treatment, chemical analysis, measurement, industrial instrumentation, and academic research As a world leader in photonics technology, Hamamatsu Photonics is constantly researching light in all its forms. The Electron Tube Division of Hamamatsu Photonics supports progress in the most advanced photonics technologies involving low-lightlevel and ultra-fast measurements. The various light-related devices we develop and...

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Electrom Tube Products Condensed Catalog - 3

Light Properties and Detection Technologies 4 Light Properties (Wave / Particle / High Speed) 4 Photomultiplier Tubes / Photomultiplier Tube Modules 6 Photomultiplier Tube Accessories 8 Photon Counting Products 9 UVTRON (Flame Sensors) 10 MCP (MicroChannel Plates) / MCP Assemblies 11 Photon Detection Units Lamps • Light Sourc Lamps • Light Sources Lineup Xenon Lamps and Mercury-Xenon Lamps Xenon Flash Lamps Deuterium Lamps Hollow Cathode Lamps Deep UV Light Source UVCL Spot Light Sources LIGHTNINGCURE LC8 16 UV-LED Light Sources LIGHTNINGCURE LC-L1V3 / LC-L5 16 Flash Light Sources...

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Electrom Tube Products Condensed Catalog - 4

Light Properties and Detection Technologies Here we introduce some properties of light and give examples of our typical system products listed in this catalog using detection technology. GYoung's experiment on interference Wave Nature of Light Light has the properties of a wave. Light can be considered a type of electromagnetic wave like radio waves. These waves act just like the ripples you see on the water surface when you throw a stone in a pond. The properties of this light "wave" can be shown in a test with Young's experiment on interference. In this experiment, light from a light...

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Electrom Tube Products Condensed Catalog - 5

Light Properties and Detection Technologies Wide Spectral Range Detection Technology (Including Invisible Light) We can only see light within an extremely limited range. That range is about 400 nm (nanometers) to 700 nm and is called the visible light range. The other light ranges that we cannot normally see contain vast quantities of hidden information. At Hamamatsu Photonics we are developing systems capable of detecting and imaging a wide spectrum of light up to the X-ray and infrared ray ranges. White light GInfrared reflectography • Old pillar painting (Amida Hall of Hohkai Temple,...

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Electrom Tube Products Condensed Catalog - 6

Photosensors (Photodetector Tubes) Photomultiplier Tubes / Photomultiplier Tube Modules Photomultiplier tubes Photomultiplier tube modules Photomultiplier Tubes Photomultiplier tubes are extremely high sensitivity photosensors having high-speed response. A typical photomultiplier tube (often abbreviated as PMT) has a vacuum envelope containing a photocathode (photoelectric surface) that converts light into electrons, focusing electrodes, an electron multiplier (dynodes) and an anode (electrode for collecting electrons). FOCUSING ELECTRODE PHOTOELECTRON e- SECONDARY ELECTRON LAST DYNODE STEM...

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Electrom Tube Products Condensed Catalog - 7

Photosensors (Photodetector Tubes) Micro PMT Modules / Assemblies Micro PMT modules and assemblies are high-sensitivity photosensors using a newly developed µPMT that is tinier and thinner than ever before and also easy to mass produce. These micro PMT modules and assemblies are combined with a voltage divider circuit and high-voltage power supply to allow downsizing equipment and boosting its performance. High Sensitivity Head-on PMTs These head-on PMTs have drastically improved quantum efficiency (QE) and are widely used in photometric applications where high accuracy and high efficiency...

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Electrom Tube Products Condensed Catalog - 8

Photosensors (Photodetector Tubes) Photomultiplier Tube Accessories To extract maximum performance from photomultiplier tubes, Hamamatsu provides a variety of accessories and options designed with our accumulated technology as a leading photomultiplier tube manufacturer. High-Voltage Power Supplies PMT output is very sensitive to variations in supply voltage, so high-voltage power supply stability directly affects measurement accuracy. Hamamatsu high-voltage power supplies are designed and manufactured for precision photometry using PMTs, by taking into account all characteristics including...

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Electrom Tube Products Condensed Catalog - 9

Photosensors (Photodetector Tubes) Photon Counting Products Demands for low-light-level measurement using photon counting are recently increasing in many fields such as biology, chemistry, and medical applications. To meet these demands, Hamamatsu provides a full line of photon counting products. Photon Counting Heads Photon counting heads contain a low-noise PMT, a high-speed photon counting circuit, and a high-voltage power supply. Since the discrimination level and PMT supply voltage are preset to optimal values, the unit can easily be operated by just connecting a +5 V power supply and...

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Electrom Tube Products Condensed Catalog - 10

Photosensors (Photodetector Tubes) Other Photosensors HPD (Hybrid Photodetectors) The HPD (hybrid photodetectors) are completely new PMTs that contain a semiconductor device within an electron tube (vacuum tube). Photoelectrons emitted from the photocathode are directly bombarded onto the semiconductor to multiply the photoelectrons. This method allows efficient electron multiplication with less noise. Applications Confocal microscopy Multiphoton microscopy Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC)...

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Electrom Tube Products Condensed Catalog - 11

Photosensors (Photodetector Tubes) Phototubes Phototubes are widely used in chemical/medical analytical instruments and laser measurement units. Phototubes deliver a stable output even when the ambient temperature fluctuates and also offer a large photosensitive area compared to semiconductor detectors. In particular, phototubes using a single metal photocathode exhibit less deterioration in sensitivity even after long, continued exposure to UV radiation, and are ideal for monitoring high-intensity UV radiation such as from mercury sterilizer lamps. Applications UV detectors, laser...

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