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Our unique photonics technology delivers highly sophisticated opto-semiconductors with high-sensitivity and high-speed response. Hamamatsu Photonics has been at the cutting edge of photonics technology for 60 years. In that time, Hamamatsu has developed and produced a wide range of opto-semiconductors such as photodiodes, photo ICs, image sensors, and LEDs, as well as mini-spectrometers and many other products using opto-semiconductors. Our lineup of opto-semiconductors covers a broad spectrum from the infrared through the visible and ultraviolet regions, extending to X-rays and even high...

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Opto-semiconductors evolving with the advancement of MOEMS technology MEMS technology Compact Highly functional High reliability Etching Nanoimprint Three-dimensional mounting technology MOEMS devices ∙ Semiconductor micromachining to produce mechanical parts, optical elements, sensors, and wafer level packages Downsize, integration Module technology Semiconductor process technology Assembly technology Various packages Compound semiconductor process ∙ Optimum optical design and effective simulation ∙ Wide spectral range (UV/visible/infrared, X-ray, high energy) ∙ High sensitivity,...

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Applications of Hamamatsu opto-semiconductors Hamamatsu opto-semiconductors have been used in wide-ranging fields including communications, industry and general electronics as well as medical and scientific applications. Automotive applications RGB color sensors detect the brightness and color temperature of room light and adjusts the display colors. Our automotive devices are widely used in vehicles. (In-vehicle LAN, ambient light level detection, day/night detection, windshield rain sensors, laser radars, multi-function jog dials, pedestrian protection systems, glare-proof mirrors, etc.)...

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Optical communications We provide light transmitter and receiver devices for optical fiber communications and FSO (free space optics). Si APD and PIN photodiodes are used in surveying instruments for distance measurement. Automotive devices Optical communication related devices Subaru Telescope [by courtesy of NAOJ (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)] Astronomical observation Flat panel sensor Photon counting The world’s highest sensitivity CCDs manufactured by Hamamatsu are installed in the Suprime Cam/Subaru Prime Focus Camera of the Subaru Telescope at the summit of Mauna Kea,...

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Applications of Hamamatsu opto-semiconductors Industrial robots Semiconductor manufacturing equipment Infrared LED and Si PIN photodiode arrays are used to configure encoders built into robots for position control. Back-thinned TDI-CCD image sensors are used for wafer defect inspections. Back-thinned TDI-CCD image sensors CMS project (by courtesy of CERN) High energy experiments The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland is conducting a project involving the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The Si strip detector by HAMAMATSU is being used as the particle track detector...

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Opto-semiconductor selection guide High energy particle X-ray Visible Point sensor Photon counter 2D Im Image sensor 1D Segmented type Position sensor P Non-segmented type Light emitter Visible IR

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[Product name] Baggage inspection, non-destructive inspection, medical use Pollution analysis, spectroscopy, medical use, UV detection, colorimetry Schottky type GaAsP photodiode Pollution analysis, spectroscopy, colorimetry, UV detection Schottky type GaP photodiode Si photodiode with compensation filter Illuminometry, copiers, color sensors Diffusion type GaAsP photodiode Illuminometry, flame eyes (monitors) Illuminance sensor Energy-saving sensors for TV and the like, light dimmers for liquid crystal panels, backlight dimmers for cell phones, light level measurements Color sensor Display...

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Mini Mini-spectrometer, Module product photosensor amplifier, phot APD module, etc. Selection guide by wavelength Spectral range Wavelength InGaAs PbS PbSe InAs InAsSb InSb MCT Light emitter Thermopile detector GaAs LED GaAlAs LED AlGaInP LED

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Manufacturing process of opto-semiconductors Design Design for new products Design for custom products Epitaxial growth process [Typical compound semiconductor fabrication process] [Example of custom orders] Electrical and optical characteristics Active area Number of elements Package Reliability Wafer process [Typical process of Si photodiode fabrication] Thin-film crystal growth under ultra-high vacuum in MBE equipment Thin-film crystal growth with MOCVD equipment Si wafer (before process) Thin films are formed on wafers by oxidation or CVD process. Device patterns are formed by...

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Main factory (Ichino) Wafer inspection Diffusion layer Diffusion layer Diffusion layer Doping impurities are injected into wafers. Metal pattern is formed. Devices on the wafer are inspected electrically and optically. MEMS technologies Hamamatsu is developing highly functional opto-semiconductors using a wide range of MEMS technologies. Etching Etching is a basic semiconductor process technology. MEMS technology utilizes anisotropic etching and sacrificial layer etching as well as conventional etching techniques to provide versatile functions impossible to achieve by conventional...

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Assembly process [Typical process] Metal package Blade dicing Chips are bonded to metal bases. Ceramic package Wafers are cut by a spinning blade. Stealth dicing Chips are bonded to ceramic bases. Plastic package A laser cuts a wafer by irradiating the interior of the wafer. Chips are bonded to lead frames. Bump forming Blade dicing Chip size package Gold bumps are formed on wafers. Manufacturing technologies Mounting/packaging technologies Hamamatsu offers a variety of package types to meet diverse market needs. For example, metal packages are widely used in applications requiring high...

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Electrical & optical test Metal package test equipment Chips are connected to metal bases using gold wires. Metal caps are welded to metal bases. Resin encapsulation Chips are connected to ceramic bases using gold wires. Plastic package test equipment Resin is injected into ceramic bases. Electrical & optical characteristics are tested. Resin molding and trimming Appearance inspection Appearance inspection system Chips are connected to lead frames using gold wires. Resin is molded along lead frames and chips. X-ray & appearance inspection system Flip chip bonding Underfill filling Chips...

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