Absolute PL quantum yield spectrometer C11347 series


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Absolute PL quantum yield spectrometer C11347 series - 1

Absolute PL quantum yield spectrometer C11347 series

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Absolute PL quantum yield spectrometer C11347 series - 2

Quantaurus-QY® was developed as a compact, easy-to-use system with a small footprint based on Hamamatsu's established C9920-02, -02G, -03, -03G systems for measuring absolute photoluminescence quantum yields. Operating this system is simple. Load a sample and press the start button to measure the photoluminescence quantum yields, excitation wavelength dependence, PL excitation spectrum and other properties in a short time. Measuring absolute photoluminescence quantum yields (internal quantum efficiency) of light-emitting materials In developing new light-emitting materials, it is essential...

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Absolute PL quantum yield spectrometer C11347 series - 3

Instantaneous measurement The multichannel detector captures the sensitivity-compensated spectrum, and calculates the quantum yield in a process that instantaneously finds the absolute value of the quantum yield. Dialog-style dedicated software keeps the measurement process simple. Fully automated hardware The software-controlled monochromator allows selecting excitation wavelengths so that the sample can be excited by various excitation wavelengths. Wavelength dependence of quantum yields and excitation spectrum can then be automatically measured. Analyzing different sample forms...

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Absolute PL quantum yield spectrometer C11347 series - 4

Measurement procedure The dedicated software ensures simple and rapid measurements. Input excitation wavelength Select excitation wavelength Auto-set measurement condition Sample Load sample Measurement data Measure reference and sample data Measurement results of a standard sample, i.e. anthracene solution, are obtained within about 60 seconds after starting sample measurement. Displays the analysis results as: Photoluminescence quantum yield and peak emission Specimens can be analyzed manually 4 Display emission spectrum Chromaticity analysis Plot excitation-wavelength dependence of...

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Absolute PL quantum yield spectrometer C11347 series - 5

Analysis functions Simple-to-use dedicated quantum yield measurement software Dependence on the excitation wavelength PL quantum yield measurement This screen shows the dependence of PL quantum yield on excitation wavelength. This is a basic screen for quantum yield measurements. The luminescence quantum yield is automatically calculated after measurement. Excitation and emission bands are defined by adjusting the cursors. The value of the quantum yield is displayed in the table below the spectrum next to emission intensities, peak wavelength, peak counts, and peak band (FWHM). Excitation...

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Absolute PL quantum yield spectrometer C11347 series - 6

Our long and proven record in quantum yield measurements is the reason our products are favored by many users in a wide range of fields. Measurement examples PL quantum yield measurement of highly-fluorescent TADF materials Thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) materials are well known as the third generation OLED e materials. TADF is the fluorescence generated by reversed intersystem crossing process (RISC) from the lowest triplet to the singlet states and the RISC is promoted by the small energy gap between the lowest excited states (ΔEST). A novel TADF material (4CzIPN) was...

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Absolute PL quantum yield spectrometer C11347 series - 7

Related products We also offer a lineup of quantum yield measurement systems allowing diversified material evaluations on the same sample. Fluorescence Lifetime and Absolute PL Quantum Yield There are two processes when substances are excited by light irradiation from the ground state to excited singlet state (S1), then deactivated to the ground state again. One is radiative process such as fluorescence or phosphorescence, and the other one is a non-radiative process released as heat. The fluorescence lifetime t (tau) is defined as where kf is the radiative rate constant and knr is the...

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Absolute PL quantum yield spectrometer C11347 series - 8

Specifications Type number PL measurement wavelength range Monochromatic light source Light source Excitation wavelength Bandwidth Excitation wavelength control Multichannel spectroscope Measurement wavelength range Wavelength resolution Number of photosensitive device channels Device cooling temperature AD resolution Spectroscope optical arrangement Integrating sphere Material Size Software Measurement items C11347-11 300 nm to 950 nm 150 W xenon light source 250 nm to 850 nm 10 nm or less (FWHM) Automatic control 200 nm to 950 nm <2 nm 1024 ch -15 ˚C 16 bit Czerny-Turner type Spectralon...

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