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Tensile testing machine or adhesive testing instrument

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HAIDA INTERNATIONAL iigSKASffi, tSisfcSLWflfs^-D, «»£*, a*, #$, H. ;SaA*fgitaW/ttp=p«)tSiatt^^?Fte§IS5i7il:«i^®. s&*±;    ±/“. iss, i+*> a^sf^-msH* 75 aGB, ISO, UL, ASTM, EN, JIS, TAPPI, DIN, BS^ IS 1*1 SMS®. SliB&±: )Si4SllP9 mtitt, «6oj, smi, m *iu, rlu, nn, sja, m »?. s*3H-£*#&sii 3,*B3E. sis,    *gttiSMiS]fe[ii7isfeffii? I-M.Z'17, &T£T. 11**, ;«i£BI®ttff»§7T "fiK*itt??W-&1Sri»ltti§fe !lk” MBS, 1®}# “Si*. Si«, 3StS. aj«r, »», El#’’ M0MI3B. BW«A "gzK EA, ®&m" M*MSg&, safe, «. EF«MwmS«RiaK, T'KVLtt.ia&6h »a«, 3EBtifc!lkS£MlfS!5tt». fe*)tT»*5feSA, «ta^p°p»S«^, t>3>l£ asm-s, ENTERPRISE QUALIFICATION iran*!*: vviitwikft AUDITED SUPPLIER PRODUCT Founded in 2004 , Haida International Equipment Ltd (Haida), Donggu-an China. Haida manufactures and sells testing machines used to test Paper and Packaging, Automobile, Stimulate Accelerate Environment System, Plastic, Rubber and Luggage. In 2007, Haida Merge with Mechanical Electric HK Ltd. Founder from Mechanical Electric, more than 20 years' experience in testing machine development and sales, join us as a technical director. Haida own independent R&D center since 2007 and expand testing machines in furnitures foam , toys stroller and bicycle. Haida become a market leader in the one stop solution material testing industry. Haida as a manufactures focus on physical durability testing , our mission is deliver the best testing equipment to our customers. We have Multiple divisions: Research S Development , Production, Marketing S Sales and Measurement S Certification. More than ten consultant in different sectors (Military, Packaging Specialist, Professor in university, Testing Standard committee). More than 50 patent in testing machines. More than 300 professional staffs. 10 sales office in China cover from South to North. ( Dongguan, Foshan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Kunshan, Xiamen, Chongqing, Changsha, Nanning). 5 oversea sales offices in the world and keep expanding( India , Malaysia , Vietnam , Turkey and Thailand) In the future we will follow our vision: To be the world class testing equipment enterprise. And express our value: Loyalty, Efficiency, Passion, Creative, Sharing and Persistence. On the other hand we are also an environment and social responsibility company we work for better environment and keep focus on improve human life. We will become the world class testing equipment enterprise. — HD-B609 %JB5J:*Ji$5S®«S&fe/Computer Peel Test Machine ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 03 - HD-B609B-S    /Computer Servo Peel Test Machine    03 — 38a®ft /SteelSheet ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 04 -HD-R829 SSffiftiRSisaMBfSt / Film Shrinkage Tester -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18 -HD-A833 St .Wit9$if / Digital Thickness Meter -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18 -HD-C807    / Coating Machine -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19 -HD-C801-1 ffifS&git (    ) / Digital Rotate Viscometer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19 HD-G819    / Electric Balance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 19 - HD-R827 feiSfSt / Gas Chromatograph    20 HD-A813 at*assist / Light Transmittance Haze Meter -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20

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Product Description: SftJgSPS^SfW. This machine can be used to do tension, peel, tear, adhesion test with different clamps according to customer requirements and international standards, iilSfawfi Test Criteria: ASTM D903, F2258, GB/T 2790/2791/2792, CNS-11888, JIS K6854, GB/T 6329 HD-B609HD-B609 Computer Peel Test Machine Technical Parameters: 1, I?It Capacity: 50-200kg; 2. %m Motor ; 180W; 3. MiltflGear reducer: 1/25Miltil Gear reducer; 4, iiffBall screw: iS □    Taiwan brand ball screw; 5, fiftl ifrSControl system:    PC with windows 7 system; 6, 51 STest speed: 50-300mm/minilgaIfl...

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IM\ HD-B609-D#ffl#IJS3S®a-3§f/lF F \ HD-B609-D Computer Peel Test Machine Li® \ Ho-B604B-s®8SfH]jE)!safi*iie3sm == F \ HD-A604B-S Computer Servo Double Column Universal Test Technical Parameters: 1. Capacity- 2-10kg; 4. *£tTBall screw: &□ /SBktitT Taiwan brand ball screw: 5. SfS'J itf^Control system;    ; PC with windows 7 system: 6. iigTest speed: 0.1-SOOmm/miniigoJfl (adjustable): 7. jR^TrtlVertical test space: 300mm ( T'&^^excluding fixture ) ; 8.    Load resolution: 1/250,000: 9. ?=f®}itS:Load accuracy: ==0.5%; 10. BtatD^UnitS: gf/kgf/N//kN/LBf/T; 11. ^Dimension: ( L*W*H )...

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Product Description: aa-SBtfilS, It can be used to measure durable adhesion/shear adhesion of pressure sensitive tapes, medical patches, pressure sensitive labels and protective films, etc for 5 samples at the same time under room temperature. iSSfaw® Test Criteria: CNS-11887, 11888, PSTC-7, GB/T 4851 IV \ HD-C524 ^igasxw(s}s*a-3sta (5*1)■ w \ HD-C524 Room Temperature Tape Lasting Adhesive Tester (5 Stations) Technical Parameters: 1, a^SioATest number: 5315 stations; 2, tS/t&WVeight: 1000g±10g (•irJDSKtS, SEXW#Wa=®iSwith load plate ) *5ffl ( rT}^ ) ; 3, iSSTemperature: #S, Room...

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