Tensile tester's User Manual - 49 Pages

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Tensile tester's User Manual

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海達國際儀器有限公司 HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Preface Thank you for choosing our products! We not only provide high quality products, but also reliable after-sales service. In order to ensure the safe of the operator and keep the machine well, please read the Operation Manual carefully before operating the instrument; pay more attention to the operating notes. This operating manual will illustrate the design principles、 design criteria、 structure、 operation specification、 calibration、 maintenance、 some failure case and solutions、 electrical diagram, and so on. If this operating manual ever mentioned some expressions like “test requirement” 、 “standards”, please note all of them would only be for your reference. Please review relevant standards or data by yourself if you disagree with this. Special Statement: ● This operating manual can’t be treated as the proof to ask any illegal requirement to our company. ● The interpretation of this manual owes to our company. Haida International Equipment Co., Ltd Phone:0769-38810298 Fax:0769-89280809 Service phone:0769-8

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海達國際儀器有限公司 HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Directory Attention on safety -----------------------------------------------------------------------3 Overview Ⅰ、Overview ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Standards--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Ⅱ、 Standards Instruction Ⅲ、Instruction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5-6 1、Construction --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5...

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海達國際儀器有限公司 HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Procedure Ⅷ、Procedure of maintenance -----------------------------------------------------------------42 Quality guarantee-----------------------------------------------------------------------------42 Ⅸ、Quality guarantee Note Ⅹ、Note ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. 1> Security marks There are some safety precaution and important notes when using the equipment, in order to prevent accidents and dangerous from happening, please make sure to operate the machine by following the below description of danger, warning and notes. Danger: It shows that the operator would be harmed without following the instruction! Warning: It shows that the machine would be damaged without following the instruction! It shows that it may affect the test result and quality. It shows that there is auxiliary statement in the operation. 2>...

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海達國際儀器有限公司 HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Ⅰ、 Overview 1、Application: Application: This series of machine is widely used in hardware, metal, rubber, footwear, leather, apparel, fabric and so on, for tensile, tear, peel, bend, shear tests. 2、Theory: Theory: This machine adopts the material tensile meter, use the motor to make displacement of the fixture. Place the fixture with sample between the upper and lower fixture, use a given speed to pull the upper fixture upward, and the upper load cell with sensor the tensile strength, and convert the strength into voltage sign and output to...

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海達國際儀器有限公司 HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Sensor Clamp Clamp Power Switch switch Fig. (Fig. 1) Instruction: 1、Power switch: master switch 2、Power indicator light: The power indicator light will be on when power on. It will be off when power off . 3、 Emergency switch: This key can help to stop the machine immediately when there is an abnormality. 4、Speed adjuster: the speed adjust button to pull the upper fixture 5、Upper and lower fixture 6、Length sensor: it will sense the resistant strength when the lower panel goes upward, and will output the strength to the

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海達國際儀器有限公司 HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Specification Sensor LOAD CELL Computer display Resolution Precise Maximum stroke Test speed Ⅳ、Installation 1、Condition of the power: please configure the power as per the mark on the machine, AC 220±10%V, 50Hz. Danger: ■ The deviation of the input voltage is ±10%, and make sure the machine is grounded well to avoid electricity leakage. 2、Condition requirements: under ambient circumstance within 0〜55°C, RH <80%, away fro

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海達國際儀器有限公司 HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Ⅴ、Operational regulation Preparation 1、Preparation for sample: 1.1 、get sample from the same lot, no less than 3 groups; Confirmation 2、Confirmation before test: 2.1 、 Make sure whether the power is compliable to the regulation 2.2、 Take the glove when touching the sample 2.3、Make sure whether the machine is horizontally placed Operational 3、Operational steps: 3.1、Take the glove, check whether the machine power on, leak of electricity. When the electricity goes through, pressing the power button, and if the power light on, it means the...

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海達國際儀器有限公司 HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. 2 TM2101 software installation and upgrade guide 2.1 The PC hardware’s requirements: hardware’ 1). CPU: Intel Celeron 2GHz or higher. 2). Memory: >512MB 3). HDD: >2GB 4). Screen resolution: >1024×768 5). A printer(if need print the report). 2.2 The PC software’s required: software’ 1. Operation system must be Windows XP. 2. Microsoft Word 2003 is required if you need a report of word format. 2.3 The content in the installation disc The following folder must be inquired in the disc: 1.”TM2101Vx.xx”: This folder include the measurement and...

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海達國際儀器有限公司 HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. 4. Click “Next>>” button, read the License Agreement in the following dialog: 5. Check “I accept the License Agreement(s)” option and click “Next>>” to enter the next st

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HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Start Installation Review the following summary before continuing. Addino or Changing • LabviewEmptyProjectV8.6 Files Click the Next button to begin installation. Click the Back button to change the installation settings. 7. Click “Finish” to complete the installation. It will ask you whether or not to restart the windows system immediately. 8. Click “Yes” to restart your computer. 9. Copy “TM2101V2.xx” folder to local disk and double click to open it. Operation manual

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