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海 达 国 际 仪 器 有 限 公 司 HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD Preface Thank you for choosing our products! We not only provide high quality products, but also reliable after-sales service. In order to ensure the safe of the operator and keep the machine well, please read the Operation Manual carefully before operating the instrument; pay more attention to the operating notes. This operating manual will illustrate the design principles, design criteria, structure, operation specification, calibration, maintenance, some failure case and solutions, electrical diagram, and so on. If this operating manual ever mentioned some expressions like “test requirement”, “standards”, please note all of them would only be for your reference. Please review relevant standards or data by yourself if you disagree with this. Special Statement: ● This operating manual can’t be treated as the proof to ask any illegal requirement to our company. ● The interpretation of this manual owes to our company. Haida International Equipment Co., Ltd Phone: 0769-38810298 Fax: 0769-89280809 Service phone: 0769-8883

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海 达 国 际 仪 器 有 限 公 司 HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD Directory Attention of Security ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3 1, Introduction----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -4 2, Standard---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 3, Product specification--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5-6 4, Operation...

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II m & m ^ ^ s n ft n HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD 1, Security marks: There are some safety precaution and important notes when using the equipment, in order to prevent accidents and dangerous from happening, please make sure to operate the machine by following the below description of danger, warning and notes. It shows that the operator would be harmed without following the instruction! A Warning: ! \    It shows that the machine would be damaged without It shows that it may affect the test result and quality. It shows that there is auxiliary statement in the operation. 2, The...

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海 达 国 际 仪 器 有 限 公 司 HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD Earth protection This shows the ground terminal of the instrument. mark Usage: This testing accessory includes one sample holder and thirteen different sizes of central dishes, which applies to the sample with thickness (0.15~1.00)mm; it has thirteen sizes. Different central disc adapt to different thickness of samples. It’s widely used in paper, packaging and product quality supervision, inspection and other industry or sector. The design criteria of this pro

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海 达 国 际 仪 器 有 限 公 司 HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD (1) Product structure (Image 1) (2) Product specification (Chart 1) Sample holder size Inner diameter: 49.30±0.05mm, Slot depth: 6.25±0.25mm Inside dish size Total 13 groups (see below list) Packaging size

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II m & m ^ ^ s n ft n HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD (Chart 1) Attached List One (Chart 2):

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海 达 国 际 仪 器 有 限 公 司 HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD (1) Test step: 1, Cut a sample of (12.7± 0.1mm) x (152± 0.2mm) with Ring Crush Test Cutter; 2, Measure the thickness of sample with digital caliper or thickness tester; 3, Select suitable inside dish according to Attached List One, and insert the inside disc to sample holder; 4, Insert the sample counterclockwise to the gap between inside dish and sample holder (as below image A). Remark: After reverse insert the sample to Ring Crush Central Dish, insert the en

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海 达 国 际 仪 器 有 限 公 司 HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD inlet position. 5, Place the prepared device between the upper and lower clamps of Ring Crush Strength Tester, turn on the machine and compress the sample with speed of (12.5±2.5)mm/min; till the paper was crushed. Record the max value. (Please refer the detailed operation of Ring Crush Tester). Quality assurance items The guarantee period with FOC is one year (not including nonexpendable & transport and travel fees) 1. During the guarantee period, Haida shall supply free maintenance or replacement for the damaged part(just for...

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海 达 国 际 仪 器 有 限 公 司 HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD e. Do not use strong solvents (such as: benzene, nitro oil) washing machine. f. Do not inject water and debris into the machine; prevent damage to electrical components and electrical shock. g. Instrument displays the disassembly and debugging can only be measured by the State Department approved the units and the company, other people not allowed to overhaul. Notes Any omissions in this instruction and any add instructions owe to the updated of the products are written here. This user is for your operating reference, the notes in...

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