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DONGGUAN HAIDA EQUIPMENT CO.. LTD. Dongguan Head office Address: The 1st Industrial Zone of CA1BAI in DAOJIAO town. Dongguan City, Guangdong Province Jiang&u Office Address: The North Gate avenue No. 3888. Yushan Town. Kunshan City. Jiangsu Province Changsha Office Address: The 4th Building of Poyang Garden. Vuhua Area in Changsha City. Hunan Province. Contact: Mr.Li 'Ms.Fan Fujian Office Address: Xianyuc Road No. 458. Xiamen City. Fujian Province Tianjing Office Address: Dual-source industrial zone Bcichcn District. Tianjing City ^•'iM3/i '; www.jfifii H H-mail: haida(ii Company website:; www.jty it {X Paper, packaging and printing test HAIDA EQUIPMENT DONGGUAN HAIDA EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.

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•ttftSf-tftrgfifrl ffttt. iUiWM. JRtt*. ffita. Mf». ifc*. V SJr^ttffifrl'L, ASTM. JIS. GB, ISO. TAPPK EN, DIN. BS—3& IS DP |&#rft< Haida tquipmcnl Co.. Lid is headquartered in Taiwan. laic hung County, and was established in 1988. it has long been integrated as a sophisticated detection equipment manufacturers, contribute to the development of (he world's industry. In order to better development in the Mainland. Dongguan Haida Equipment Co.. Ltd.. was established in Dongguan. and specializes in K & D. production and sales ot" a variety of testing equipment. Haida Equipment products arc...

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^$H]nL["kiit4*lJL^#l Carton compressive tester series HD-501 Microcomputer-type carton compressive tester Carlon compression tester is used for measuring the compression strength of cartons or other packaging containers, and may doso holding pressure stacking test, test results can beused as plant stack finished packing a high degree of important reference, or an important basis for the design box. I V. jSm> # StThe main technical parameters:

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W ^ & 15 Ui-£ W. ft Hursling slrcngih tester series MI)- *i> i Manual Buisling .imi^ih teilci HIM04A Eleeuume automatic Biurtingitrcngih MM HD-SB4A-I Automatic Bur»tm. HD-503'f fl *h W aM'4 W-15M/HD-50J Semi-automatic Bursting strength tester -.i: fU-i-'i >;. UI4WWB-I. flAftftt»HA,iSR«ifttt. fttt *» « *0* lOOkgf/cm'2. ■■jriiWifi'lJ » ti *HH.tUS h.R*. R«ft. (4**3*. »IJ I BE*. «$. titta**. «I«*»#IAtt«Mlrtt*. This scries of product* using digital display pressure, lesl material broke down, automatically retain maximum rupture strength value, indicating approach to digital t>-pc. capacity isO -...

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Quality comes from precision, £f» /ftiiiIk i*C-liftM*rs ^'J R*ng crush and Edge compressive tester series quality creates future Ring crush and Edge compressive tester series HD — 514 UllkfSlty} 'J/HD-514 Sample cutter for edge compression tester The machine can be cut the accurate parallel degree of the sample, there are carved, can be set in parallel spacing. ■ iSS^^ftThe main technical parameters: £r?SK \l Outside Dimension: (Lx\VxH)550x450x 160mm HD —514A Accurate sample cutter for edge compression tester ■ li'ifnf ^Product Description: n^imw-rmwmt.&.w.±^MM. BTi^^ffi.©Tfj-rejst! <?&...

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HD-516 MftSttttftfVft/HD-tM Adhesive strength test >H ■ r* IWIB frPruduct Description:_ lflK«»*lirt'l«teM. l!p"J#luC- Till*. Annex uini'tl lot lite JuwIlUlinn nl* i i con- al'tci built udi'i i>l .iniunJlcJbojiJ adhesive paste urenglli ■ I 'OH. ^ ft The main technical parameters: UttPackagings B'.ftfeAluminum Box IIMWeight: 6kg MIT**". WJ. flj. fclfrSlu*!*. JJtlfcell. m*Ktfi<tt£«fc«*. Cat out a corner on both sides of the sample, with the vertical picture clamp, test the buttcttly specimens on King Crush Tester iotesi its vertical pressure strength. H I 'U! U 4* If ft I he main technical...

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HD-50A 54 I Afil'SiWiitK/HD-SOA Digital Display Stiffness Tester This instrument is used to determine the stiffness of paper and board a special apparatus. Especially suitable for the determination of the stiffness of low quantitative or thickness oflcss than I mm paper and papcrboard. P T-.^ii&^&SiThc main lechnical parameters:_ 'liffi&SX- Indication error; *1% *l*»«j*Gripper» speed: 200*20° ( ffi/fl- I ) Degrcc.min ) \&tt K 'J Sample size; iA f i & W Sample width; 38*0.2mm Utff- fclff/Swnple length; 70mm ( ft« 1^^>J76 mm ) { The best length is 76mm ) HD-1003 &$1?J£ffti)g'4MX/HD-l003 The...

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Quality comes from precjsjon,^/ _J ftiS&iit&ft Vibration test series HD-521 f$Mii;'}$lfti4lj M 4* n/HD-521 Simulation transportation vibration tester XMIIM*. fa&i&&xmmmmmmt$.mi&m. nm/jm. amn® m.-. S«L*«liH)M. sirf&. ft«8l^«it Htt£«# (firftffl ffftlftft it 35tk #SfcThe main technical parameters: H ft ^Maximum test load: 100kg iii^j/j iCVibrationmode: ttgirt (HI&JS) f^fit $ ^Simulation speed: 25 - 40km/h Ift'SllK \fWork table size: 100x1200 If ifjfH'I'Environmental conditions: iiUlStemperature : 5-40*0, ffl*fMSRelativeHumiditys£85% iliU iM. is j^Speed mode: Hsft \$ i£ J3£ Ml $ Si $1 MDC...

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Quality comes from precision. HD-017 Standard mulii —color light source coloring match light box ^.•Mlififi'.v.i h^i K-;. :-.<-..*mi-.c i. E.Mi'lttHJI-ttflitt. mWAi. MMNMftflftlt tt. SffciTffr Rn 9 KM I.. |M*.*. .«« ftif ** M. ttr^UifcKfe. <Hft h. «U fti*7*'r.(*l3 ttftttK. Wft^l«WI«iliAitt«m^*. XMlM- ttKMtt. .*A.»,Cif^rtW/4lt*J. WWW H l:.'Ejit ^ <SttThf main let hnical parameters:_ Jt»ft*i D65Wr*fort A. i: tl /D65 The international standard of artificial light source. TLS ilftifH, || *ftfc>, t» /TL84 European. Japanese shops illuminanl CtF jeW^* /('WFI' S Cold While Light SWlH—llll...

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Quality comes from precision. fftfX #J Moisture Meter Series SPY—60 ft *r£ittkii< >fc <>i*S'«i- IZ/SFY-60 Infrared rapid moisture lestcr ■ rlj$fit£ £ftThe main technical parameters: ftClK Sftllllll FD-G1 *tt$K*J>|St/FD - G! Paper moisture meter iftt^j'j. »*2oofc. fetti*oa» •i-.i'j^i*. fei-ft«. *s* i-.v. AfSift. ft«r(«. ■ I- Uf ISSfcThe main technical parameters: KT-50 Mil flt 5> W/KT - 90 Paper BOlltlrJ analyzer KWWRtA* H-fiWJ+ttRiflffjMW. MC-78U6 M 4l{Mil/MC-78uft Needle type moisture meter *M. ^ffiffft-jfittflfcittWiu. 'pftW. ffltt ■ i ^ & ^ I i - main technical parameters:...

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