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IS \ HD-U801 zasgsufX m W \ HD-U801 Image Measuring Machine MANUAL    S 35AUTOMATICProduct Description: TS;«atx^-t'i)*is«tff$ccDS5fetngta.    posffiSRiHk rsi, tsu^^R, 2Di?m*i*©:i*^i*;«giftSit«8mMSteft, ?#S, S**Soi, ffiflS. IMx, if&St-itM, Mffitfliptt,    PCBjDl^&fftBSfJniikoThis machine is a precise and effective non-contact optical measuring instrument. It is composed of a series of accessories, such as color CCD Camera & adapter, zoom lens capture card, linear scales, high precision worktable, electronic motor, PC and monitor. Technical Parameters: 1, I# n Work table: X/YttfTfiTravel: X,Y: 400*300mm; ZttfrSTraveh Z$i?T3&:$|B]245mm, ffl^trSfocus stroke: 180mm IfWSwork distance: 95mm; 2, «®^fBR\fGlass table size: 430*330mm; 3, ff ^titB^Driving type: XYZHtttitS;V?23£X#3DiXYZ triaxial, high precision V type guild rail; X/YSMttftStk Zttftttffslj X/Y axis driving, Z axis driving; 4, St^hUB^StMeasuring system: 3£#R.#S?$Measuring resolution: X/Y/Ztt0.0005mm;    uT;II,€, ££, ISM, IS, Multi-function data processor can measure point, line, figure, circle, angle etc 5, Video system: NAViSfB$fS^pt//3^S4Rfn$Optical Magnification 0.7-4.5X; 6, raB^SStliluminatingsystem^ffi^^^itftDtflLED^*;!,    9Eg°nj|, Contour and surface illumination. Ring LED and brightness can be setup 7, fi't&S'l'KR TfDimension ( L*W*H ) ; 600*750*1100; 8, fXiSSBWeight: 300KG Approx.

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