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Hplc gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GLPC/GC)

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Gas chromatography (GLPC/GC) is a common type of chromatography used in analytical chemistry for separating and analyzing compounds that can be vaporized without decomposition. Typical uses of GC include testing the purity of a particular substance, or separating the different components of a mixture (the relative amounts of such components can also be determined). In some situations, GC may help in identifying a compound. In preparative chromatography, GC can be used to prepare pure compounds from a mixture.

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Performance characteristics. The third order process is heating up, which can satisfy the analysis demand of the multi-component of the sample. 1) main control circuit adopts new integrated digital electronic circuit, temperature control precision of 0.01 °C, the performance is more stable; 2) program heating: 13th order, heating rate 0-50 minutes /min;The incremental 0.1 C / min; The design of the box is further improved to facilitate the rapid cooling of the instrument. 1) the volume is large, and it is the intelligent rear door opening system, which reduces the stable balance time of the...

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1) unique sample entrance design solves the sample discrimination; 2) two sampling systems can be installed at the same time: filled column, capillary diverter/non-shunt injection system (with diaphragm cleaning function); 3) optional automatic/manual gas six - pass injection valve sampler, headspace injector, heat analyser, pyrolysis furnace, methanol converter. 4) double column compensation work can not only solve the program drift caused by heating, but also reduce the influence of background noise, and can get lower minimum detection limit. The operating interface of the instrument is...

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