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HD-J802 Sharp Edge Tester

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Sharp Edge Tester User Manual 海 達 國 際 儀 器 有 限 公 司 HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Sharp Edge Tester User Manual

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Sharp Edge Tester User Manual Preface Thank you for choosing our products! We not only provide high quality products, but also reliable after-sales service. In order to ensure the safety of the operator and keep the machine working well, kindly read related user manual carefully before operating machine; pay more attention to the operating notes. This manual will illustrate the design principles, design criteria, structure, operation specification, calibration, maintenance, some failure case and solutions and so on. If this manual ever mention some expressions like “test requirement”,...

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Sharp Edge Tester User Manual Direc tor y Safety Attention Ⅰ. Overview ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 Ⅱ. Design Standards------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 Ⅲ. Equipment Instruction ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 Ⅳ. Equipment Installation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 Ⅴ. Operation Regulation...

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Sharp Edge Tester User Manual Safety Attention 1. Safety labels: These following labels are very important, please pay attention to them carefully when you using the machine. Dangerous: This is notice that would cause damage for the operator, please pay attention to it! Warning: /]\ This is notice that would cause damage for machine, please pay attention to it! This notice that would affect test results and quality, please pay attention to it! This notice that the auxiliary statements of product in operation. 2. Below labels on the machine means note, warning. User manual

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Sharp Edge Tester User Manual Ⅰ. Overview 1. Application: This equipment is used to detect the existence of harmful toys edge, with high precision and durability of high accuracy. 2. Theory: This machine makes use of cylindrical uniform rotation, allowing polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tape wrapped around its perimeter, and the edge to withstand 1.35Lbs strength in the middle of the tape to test the width, while maintaining uniform strength at the testing edge, the axis can make a complete circle of rotation. Ⅱ. Design Standards Reference standard: 16CFR 1500.49, ASTM F963 4.7,...

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Sharp Edge Tester User Manual E. Equipment Instruction1. Structure (Picture 1) Instruction: A: Handle    B: Switch of Handle    C: Switch of Panel D: Shaft    E: Foot Switch    F: Desktop Mounting Plate 3.Accessory Instruction Thickness of edge tape: 0.066-0.099mm Width of edge tape: no less than 6mm Cylinder shaft: d=9.53mm Charger: I/P 12A, 50HZ, 220V, 25W O/P 15V, 1.5A User manual

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Sharp Edge Tester User Manual Ⅳ. Equipment Installation 1. Operating environment requirements: greenhouse condition. 2. It’s portable equipment, keep on horizontal position when operate it. Ⅴ. Operation Regulation 1. Specimen preparation: 1). Place the specimen sample in a standard space with temperature of 20-250°C and relative humidity of 20-70% for at least 4 hours. 2. Test steps: 1). Check if the power can make the equipment work properly. (1). Open the Power Switch as shown in Picture 2, and then press the Switch of Handle as shown in Picture 1 (B), Switch of Panel as shown in Picture...

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Sharp Edge Tester User Manual (Picture 3) 2). Counterclockwise a layer of PTFE adhesive tape at the end of the shaft, the end of the tape can be close but the overlap can not be greater than 0.1 inch. 3). Put the edge of the toy in the middle of the PTFE adhesive tape with the axis of 90±5° until the force indicator light, press the Switch of Panel as shown in Picture 1 (C) or Switch of Handle as shown in Picture 1 (B), and Foot Switch as shown in Picture 1 (E), so that the axis of make a circle. And then carefully remove the PTFE edge adhesive tape and observe the PTFE edge adhesive tape....

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Sharp Edge Tester User Manual Ⅵ. Calibration Procedure 1. Calibration Item: Force value, diameter of shaft, speed of shaft, hardness of shaft. 2. Calibration tools: vernier caliper, tachometer, grams of balance, Rockwell hardness. 3. Calibration period: one year. 4. Calibration steps: 1). Take the weight of the balance by grams of balance. 2). Measure the diameter of the shaft by vernier caliper. 3). Use the tachometer to measure the speed of shaft. 4). Use Rockwell hardness to measure its hardness. ■ If the error between the measured value and the standard value exceeds the allowable...

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Sharp Edge Tester User Manual Ⅷ. Quality Assurance 1. The guarantee period with FOC within 1 year (not including expendable parts cost and transport & travel fees) 1.1 During the guarantee period, Haida shall supply free maintenance or replacement for the damaged part (just for non-expendable part) caused by non-human reasons; 1.2 If any quality problems occurs within the guarantee period, and Haida must provide on-site service, the transport and travel expense shall be borne by buyer; 1.3 If any big quality problems occurs out of the guarantee period, Haida will provide a maintain service,...

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Sharp Edge Tester User Manual Ⅸ. Note Any omissions in this instruction and any add instructions owe to the updated of the products are written here. This user manual is for your operating reference, the notes in it are very useful, please keep it. Our products are developing, this is just fit for this kind of tester. Thank you! User manual

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