HD-E710-3 Water Spray Test Chamber _IPX5, IPX6_


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HAIDA INTERNATIONAL IPX5/X6 Water Shower Test Chamber Haida International Equipment -Accelerated Environmental Test Solution <Don't guess 6eforeyou test

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General Specifications Machine Dimensions: (W x D x H) 1000*1100*3500 mm Power supply source: 3-phase, AC380V±10%, 50Hz Gross Weight: 500kg A: IPX5/X6 Spray Nozzle B: Water Spray Cabinet C: PLC Controller D: Speed Regulator for Turntable E: IPX5/X6 Water Flow Meter F: Pressure Gauge G: Observation Window H: Water Storage Tank

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Application Standards: IEC 60529 14.2.5 - 14.2.6 14.2.5 Test for second characteristic numeral 5 with the 6,3 mm nozzle The test is made by spraying the enclosure from all practicable directions with a stream of water from a standard test nozzle as shown in figure 6. The conditions to be observed are as follows: - internal diameter of the nozzle: 6,3 mm; - delivery rate: 12,5 l/min ± 5 %; - water pressure: to be adjusted to achieve the specified delivery rate; - core of the substantial stream: circle of approximately 40 mm diameter at 2,5 m distance from nozzle; - test duration per square...

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