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HD-E706 Dust Chamber

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HAIDA INTERNATIONAL IP5X/6X Dust Test Chamber -Accelerated Environmental Test Solution (Don't guess Before you test

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General Specifications: Machine dimension (W*D*H): 1300*1100*1800mm Power supply source: 3-phase, AC380V±10%, 50Hz Gross Weight: 300kg Internal dimension (W*D*H): 800*800*800mm Chamber material: stainless steel #304 Observation window: tempered glass Controller: LCD touch screen, programmable Vacuum system: pressure gauge, air filter, vacuum pump Dust: powdered cement, talcum powder Specimen power socket: Dustproof switchable socket A: Observation window B: Door handle C: Dust scraper D: Hopper for dust recycling use E: PLC controller F: U-stop button G: Pressure gauge 1. Sample tray 2....

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Specific test articles: IEC 60529 - 13.4 Dust test (DEGREES OF PROTECTION PROVIDED BY ENCLOSURES (IP CODE)) The test is made using a dust chamber incorporating the basic principles show in figure 2 whereby the powder circulation pump may be replaced by other means suitable to maintain the talcum powder in suspension in a closed test chamber. The talcum powder used shall be able to pass through a square-meshed sieve the nominal wire diameter of which is 50um and the nominal width of a gap between wires 75um. The amount of talcum powder t o be used is 2kg per cubic meter of the test chamber...

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