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ANTI-YELLOWING AGING TEST CHAMBER HD-E704 OZ S§ ® Product Introduction 8##® Technical Parameters MKsg1«a8§?i°r«=Mia: sit: *W.5J($iat)Qt1i«SJ2=S1t, «i+SM?'vS5l5ts2»H($K2S1t®, -KV. »S70tTM«-X, JSie±taST83S5*n‘f6'T^KBTiel. MS: «lS»g)a*n»i§ct’, £HftK$H£IIB*l. 9l-3®$1t-B6vAftH50‘CTiS!f «9'J'W. gie±flSTg3iE*^4=6^f§fcl87ie],, This Machine Can Do Two Kinds Of Testing: Aging And Anti-yellowing. Aging: The Machine Can Promote The Increase Of Sulfur Rubber Deterioration, To Calculate The Change Rate Of Tensile And Elongation Before And After Heat. It Is Generally Thought That Test For One Day At 70"C . in Theory As Exposed To The Atmosphere For 6 Months. Anti-yellowing: This Machine Stimulates The Atmosphere Environment, Driven By The Sun Ultraviolet Radiation. Its Generally Thought That The Appearance Change At 50C For 9 Hours, In Theory As Exposed To Atmosphere For 6 Months. as®ii    ss - taoot; Temperature Range    Ambient - *200'C Control Method    Automatic Calculation Controller HtsjiEIZ Time Memory Turntable Diameter Sffiiifi Turntable Speed UVfti® UV Light Heating Method «li«» Internal Material External Material 0-999'J'tt, 0-999 Hours, Automatic Power Cut-off Memory, Including Buzzer Bfi45cm Diameter 45cm lOCycles/min 300WUV*JiS 300W UV Lamp £tlxl8Si* Hot Air Circulation 304*tf>t8 Stainless Steel 304 mm Paint Spray

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