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Haida Proposal of Infant Products Test Machine

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Test Proposal for Infants Products Haida International Equipment Co., Ltd Your Lab Consultant-contact us for finding your testing solutions. Email: anna@qc-test.cn Phone: +86 15273728583 WhatsApp: +86 15273728583 Skype: annaliu22@hotmail.com Website: www.qc-test.cn

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HD-J216 Dynamic Strength Tester( EN71 , ASTM963) HD-J210 Stroller Dynamic Durability Tester (EN 1888) HD-J214 Stroller Handle Tester (EN 1888) HD-J201 Stroller Test Platform for Crash Test and Side Stability Test (EN 1888) HD-J206 Stroller Wheel Abrasion Test Machine (EN 1888) HD-J208 Digital Angle Display 100 Degree Rotary Table Strollers Tester (EN 1888) HD-J202 Baby Soft Carrier Tester (EN13209) HD-J203 Baby Soft Carrier Tester (ASTM F2236)

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Conveyor belt Speed Description: This tester is mainly used for test ride toys at the speed of toys 2m / s when the value of the barrier imposed by force. Toys will be under test placed on the conveyor belt, the drive wheel until the toy speed of 2m / s and remain stable; the display shows the pressure sensor to the force sensing value, according to ability to judge the value of toy safety.

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Description: This tester is for testing the stroller wheel performance on the harmful roadway, after doing the repeat impact test, examine the wheel change the Shape or damage. (Base on the EN-1888 requirement/Customer specified requirement) User can preset speed and cycle quantity in the PLC interface.

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HD-J214 Stroller Handle Tester Description: This tester simulate environment which raised and pressured hand-push pram to over obstacle to test the durability of hand-push pram. Method is to placed the baby carriage in the machine, lifted the rear wheels of pram is 150mm from the ground, and then use frequency 15 ± 1 times/min to pressure the pram of which rear wheel is 150mm from the ground, and continue to reciprocating test 3000 times. View whether the pram is damaged or not, it can't automatically stop operation until reach the setting times, it can be used to test without the staff.

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Description: Testing method is pram placed on the sandpaper of surface of machine, adjust the tilt angle of the test bench, and then view the pram slip or not during at least 30 seconds. Tester surface can be replaced. Surface tester will included glass plate ( EN12790 $6.13) , and Rubber Matt (EN12790 $6.15). We can provide another surface as per customer specific. Surface of testing table:

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HD-J206 Stroller Wheel Abrasion Test Machine Description: This machine is used to test the abrasion resistant of the stroller wheels. This wheel abrasion conditioning shall be performed after the irregular surface test (EN 1888 clause 8.10.3), and the machine designed according to EN 1888 Main parameters:

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HAIDA INTERNATIONAL 1. Carry out the test for 10 cycles. Mark all straps to enable measurement of slippage of straps in buckles or other devices. 2. Carry out the test for 90 cycles and measure any slippage. 3. Carry out the test for a further 49 900 cycles. 4. If the carrier according to manufacturer's instructions can be used on both the front and the back of the carrier. Testing shall be carried out on two samples with one sample completing 50 000 cycles in the front position, and the other completing 50 000 cycles on the back position Main parameters:

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HD-J203 Baby Soft Carrier Tester (ASTM F2236) Description: a> Dynamic Load Test: Fasten the soft carrier to a test torso. Position a weight of 25 lb (11.3 kg) using a 6 to 8 in. diameter shot bag a distance of 1 in. (25 mm) above the seat of the soft carrier. Drop the weight onto the seat ten times with a cycle time of 4 6 1s/cycle to preset the adjustment straps. By some appropriate means, mark the position of the adjustment hardware. This will be the start point of the remainder of the test. Drop the weight onto the seat an additional 990 times with a cycle time of 4 6 1s/cycle. If the...

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About Haida -------Your Test Equipment Supermarket -- Haida International Haida is one of the leading companies solely dedicated to the manufacture of Universal Tensile Machine (UTM), Paper and Packaging Testing Machine (P&P), Accelerate Environments Test System (AES) and Furniture, Foam & Optical Testing Machine (FFO). Haida has the equipment and expertise, own R&D and consultant team, to meet and exceed your testing requirement. Many of the test equipment we ship to customer include tailor-made features to exactly fit the application customer wants.

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We enable our customers to accelerate their expertise in developing World Class Products. We are providing high quality of testing consultant service on different industry with our equipment.

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Intertek Valued Quality. Delivered. BabyBjorn irrm Fibrax Limited v    J The European Bike Fund Hermes rJr/s/srr/r/

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