Haida Manual for HD-B609B-S Tensile Testing Machine - 12 Pages

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Haida Manual for HD-B609B-S Tensile Testing Machine

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海 達 國 際 儀 器 有 限 HAIDA INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Tensile Testing Machine Instruction Manual

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Preface Thank you for choosing our products! We not only provide high quality products, but also reliable after-sales service. In order to ensure the safe of the operator and keep the machine well, please read the Operation Manual carefully before operating the instrument; pay more attention to the operating notes. This operating manual will illustrate the design principles, design criteria, structure, operation specification, calibration, maintenance, some failure case and solutions, electrical diagram, and so on. If this operating manual ever mentioned some expressions like “test...

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Direc tor y Attention on safety-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 Ⅰ. Overview -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Ⅱ. Design Standards----------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 Ⅲ. Instruction -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6-8 Ⅳ. Installation -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9 Ⅴ. Operation Regulation...

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1. Safety labels: These following labels are very important, please pay attention to them carefully when you using the tester. Dangerous: This is safety label, the operator please pay attention it! Warning: This shows that if you don't follow the project, may damage the apparatus. This shows that the project is possible to impact test results and quality. 2. The sign below says note, warning Operation manual

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Ⅰ. Overview 1. Application: This is series of machines is widely used in plastic, metal, rubber, footwear, leather, apparel, fabric and so on, for tensile, flexural, peel, shear tests. 2. Theory: This machine adopts the electronic tensile meter, use the motor to make displacement of the fixture. Place the fixture with sample between the upper and lower fixture, use a given speed to pull the upper fixture upward, and the upper load cell with sensor the tensile strength, and convert the strength into voltage sign and output to the display screen. And the strength value will be displayed...

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Ⅲ. Instruction 1. Product Structure (picture 1) (picture 1) Instruction: 1.1. Power switch: master switch of the machine 1.2. Power indicating light: it will be on when electricity is on, not when off. 1.3. Emergency switch: when emergency occurs, this button can help to stop the machine. 1.4. Emergency indicating light: when emergency switch is pressed, it will be on. 1.5. Upper and lower grips: to clamp the specimen 1.6. Strength sensor: when the upper grips move upwardly, the tensile strength will be sensed and then passed to the display screen. 1.7 Control panel as below picture...

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2. Control panel (Picture 2) (Picture 2) Function of the keys: 2.1 Up & Down key: It is used to up & down clamp or start test. 2.2 Strength units key: N/kgf/lbf .(1kgf=9.8067N= 2.2046lbf); 2.3 Displacement units key: mm/cm/in.(1in=2.54cm=25.4mm); 2.4 Save key: save the testing result, ten data can be saved in one group, and five groups can be test in one time 2.5 Check key: check the saved data and average data, several groups can be displayed if you have taken ( maximum 5 groups) 2.6 Delete group: delete the test result of the present test group, and the following group will move ahead...

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Note: Please press the Zero key every time before test, the test group on the display will twinkle. Press the shift key to enter into the next group when test finishes. The memory will be full when having tested five groups, please press the zero key or delete all key to clear all the data and re-start the test. 3. Instrument specification (chart 1) Operation manual

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Ⅳ. Installation 1. Condition of the power source: attach correct power according to the mark on the machine, AC 220±10%V, 50Hz. ■ The deviation of the in-put power is ±10%, and make sure the machine is well grounded to avoid electricity leakage. Note: The machine is equipped with one transformer with one socket which is used to connect machine and PC and with one plug for USA local power 110V, 1-PH. 2. Requirements on the environment: room temperature, 0~55°C, relative humidity, <80%, and far away from the strong electromagnet. 3. It should be installed on horizontal position. Ⅴ. Operation...

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Ⅵ. Calibration Procedure 1. Calibration Item: Force value. 2. Calibration tools: calibration sensor, calibration indicator. 3. Calibration period: one year. 4. Calibration steps: refer to Haida Tensile Tester Calibration Methods. Note: In principle, the calibration should be done by our company service department or measure institution accredited by your country. Ⅶ. Maintenance Procedure 1. Clearance: Keep the machine clean, clean it with the cotton fabric before using, every time. 2. Rust resistance: spray a layer of rust-resistant oil on the metal part of the machine every week. (and...

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Ⅷ. Quality Assurance The guarantee period with FOC within 1 year (not including expendable & transport and travel fees) 4) During the guarantee period, Haida shall supply free maintenance or replacement for the damaged part(just for n1xpendable part) induced by non-human damage; 5) If any quality problems occurs within the guarantee period, and Haida must provide on-site service, the transport and travel expense shall be borne by customer; 6) If any big quality problems occurs out of the guarantee period, Haida will provide a maintain service, the transport and travel expense shall be borne...

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Ⅸ. Note Any omissions in this instruction and any add instructions owe to the updated of the products are written here. This user is for your operating reference, the notes in it are very useful, please keep it. Our products are developing, this is user just fit for this kind of tester. Thank you! COPY IS FORBIDEN UNLESS OUR CONSENT Operation manual

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