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■ = HAIDA INTERNATIONAL Ql IAI ITV    ! QCUMLI I I DELIVER THE BEST TESTING EQUIPMENT TO OUR CUSTOMERS! HD-F739^M^iia<«HD-F739 Furniture Universal Test Machine The machine can perform following tests Test standards il§}SS!l Precision control 5.»ag*aS:    stnafa^/iias, nmmmm, s&aiiis 1 .Load cell capacity:0~300kg ( can be settable freely) 2.Load resolution:1/250000 3.Test accuracy: Static; ±0.1% Dynamic: ±0.3% 4.Adopt all closed servo control, each cylinder with force sensor, monitor the cylinder output force and feedback to control system, ensure each output force within accuracy ± 2N 5.Test results display: digital display automatically, each cylinder can show force independently, offset, not measure by manual.

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