Footwear Raw material Testing and finished shoe testing machines - 72 Pages

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Footwear Raw material Testing and finished shoe testing machines

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Part A Footwear Raw material Testing 1

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Part B finished shoe testing 1

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1.Universal tensile test machine

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STANDARD FEATURES Item APPLICATION This universal tensile tester is widely used in footwear, leather,rubber, plastic, shoe lace, apparel, fabric, tape paper, pharmacy and so on, for tensile strength, tear resistance, peel strength, bend strength, shear force, etc with different fixtures within max. Load cell capacity equipped according to national and international standards customer required.

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2.Rubbing Fastness Tester APPLICATION The machine in the test dyeing uppers, leather lining, after rubbing the extent of damage and Discoloration STANDARD: ISO-11640 DIN 4843, QB/T 2226 QB/T 2537 STANDARD FEATURES

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3.Color Fastness Perspiration tester Usage To determine color fastness to water and perspiration in textiles. It’ s also employed to predict the potential of white or pastelcoloured textiles to yellow in transit or storage.

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This machine applies to the scratching resistance test of leather, lining, fabric and the similar material at room temperature TEST PRINCIPLE The machine according to test standards : test method id one side face of the sample as the inner surface and the other side face as the outside surface and bend this surface back and forth, write down the times that the sample have broken; or set the breakage time, then take it out and observe the degree it broken. Clamping the specimen in fixture, after flexing back and forth in 22.5°, observe the surface with a magnifying glass, record the damage...

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5.Low temperature flexing tester

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APPLICATION Vertical type low temperature flexing tester is used to test if the materials such as leather, textile, rubber, shoes can endure the flexing at low temperature. Different fixtures can be installed in the inner box, and all the equipment are made of stainless steel. STANDARD FEATURES

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6.Leather Dynamic Waterproof Tester APPLICATION The Machine is to test shoe upper material like leather, synthetic leather, against water penetration, the test method is to take the specimen immersing in water and flexing by a constant speed. TEST STANDARD: ASTM-D2099 or SATRA PM34 STANDARD FEATURES

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PRODUCT DISCRIPTION This machine is mainly use to test water resistant vapor permeability characteristic for vamp and upper shoe materials ( including surface and lining) Under the standard stipulated 20°C and the 65%RH environment STANDARD DIN53333,ISO 8782-1,ISO 17699 STANDARD FEATURES

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USGAE: To determine the abrasion and pilling resistance of all kinds of textile structures. TEST STANDARD 1. Abrasion Tests ASTM D4966 Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Textile Fabrics (Martindale Abrasion Tester Method) ISO 12947-1 Textiles -- Determination of the abrasion resistance of fabrics by the Martindale method BS 2543, BS 3424-24, BS 5690, BS 8428, ISO 17704, ISO 5470-2, IWTO 40, M&S P19, Next 18 SFS 4328, SN 198529, TWC 112, Volvo 1024, 7122 2.Pilling Tests: ASTM D4970 Standard Test Method for Pilling Resistance and Other Related Surface Changes of Textile Fabrics:...

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9.Shoe Abrasion Resistance Tester(GB standard) NTRODUCTION 'his machine is used to test the abrasion function of shoe sole & outsoles. The theory is the rotated vheels will abrasive the sample in vertical under a certain force & speed & time, then measure the :rack length. This machine has outage memory function. STANDARD 3B/T 3903.2 STANDARD FEATURES

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10.DIN abrasion tester APPLICATION: DIN Type Abrasion Tester is to measure the abrasion resistance of rubbers (vulcanized thermoset rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers) that are subject to abrasive/frictional wear in their actual service, such as tires, conveyor drive belts, leather and shoe soles TEST STANDARD:DIN-53516, ISO-4649, GB/T9867, ASTM D5963 STANDARD FEATURES

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ll.Taber abrasion tester APPLICATION: This machine is used for leather, cloth, coating, paper, floor tile, plywood, glass, natural rubber wear-resistant test. STANDARD FEATURES

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This product is to test the use life after the sole flexed. The sole may break or craze after long-time roller bending. When using this machine, impale several holes at the place where has max bending rate, then fix the two ends of the sole, with end fixed and the other movable. During test, make the circular shaft rise repeatedly, after banded enough times, check its stretch stage through magnifying glass TEST STANDARD: EN344 ,SATRA TM161,ISO 17707,GB/T20991 STANDARD FEATURE:

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13.Low temperature Sole flexing tester

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PRODUCT DISCRIPTION This machine is designed to test various materials of shoe sole in cold environment to ensure suitability for use in cold climate. STANDARD :EN344 ,SATRA TM161,ISO 17707,GB/T20991 STANDARD FEATURES

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13.James slip resistance test machine PRODUCT DISCRIPTION This machine is measuring the dry static coefficient of friction (SCOF) of Shoe sole and heel materials. STANDARD FEATURES Load Measure speed Load of holder Testing surface Sample size Machine size Weight Power

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14.MARK II slip resistance test machine PRODUCT DISCRIPTION This machine is measuring the slip resistance of PU, PVC materials. STANDARD FEATURES Load Slider diameter Thickness of holder Thickness of base Area of sample Surface area Floor requirements Machine size Weight

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15.Sole Anti slip test machine PRODUCT DISCRIPTION The machine is measuring the slip index of footwear sole, heel or related materials on dry walkway surfaces in the laboratory and in the field. The horizontal pull slipmeter is a laboratory and field instrument designed to provide information about the slip index characteristics between walkway surfaces and a test foot material under dry conditions only. Test Principle: Put the sample on the standard friction board (float glass) and add the weights on its surface. Then pull the sample horizontally and get the maximum force and static...

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