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'ClCW/'^LI I I DELIVER THE BEST TESTING EQUIPMENT TO OUR CUSTOMERS! The blade is mounted in a position with the edge vertical and a pack of specially developed synthetic paper (Not included) is lowered on to it. The clamping fixture with the blade move back and forth the blade cuts into the paper, the depth of the cut being the measurement of sharpness. Technical parameters O.tttljffffi: 20 ~60mm (°TiMI) ajffiinTTittifaftfiES: 50N 4.iSJl: t|®>#50*5|S ( ’HJiJl )^'TjngfJg: 110mm e.PLcnjeaeas, lcdmsjs, sijmtis 7.%fE: #!f@, AC 220V, 50~60Hz 8.igit©)t: EN ISO 8442-5 1 .The reciprocating table with fixture to clamp the blade, the movement was driven by ball screw and servo motor. 3.Load between the test media and the test blade is 50N. 4.Cutting speed : 50 mm/second over 90% of the specified stroke. 6.PLC programmable controller, LCD touch screen interface showtest graph

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