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Multi-function Series ( Double Column ) M^-Model f^J§Müi??SLoad cell capacity f^fÜlBfiLoad cell Product Description 0vim ¥ß)!cpDa3afTföw^ mm*    mn- mn^ mm m* m* mm* Function: This machine can be used to do tension. compression, bend, adhesion, shear, peel fest with different clamps according to customer requirements and international Standards. $ mtm.m &**    5»ftx*    Kfö Application Industry: Plastic & Rubber, Textile, Leather, Electronics, Automobile, Ceramics & Building, Metal and so on. Also widely populär in Colleges and Universities, Scientific Research Institution, Quality Inspection Institute, etc. Q S'Jisl'Twft Manufacture Standard GB/T 1 6491, GB/T 17200, GB/T 261 1 Force ränge T.^fyi^^Test speed High precision Germany/USA brand load cell 1200mm Vertical test space including clamp Deformation ränge    20-800mm Horizontal test space    ^ 400mm gJS?$fJS Load resolution    1/250.000 jj giff Jg Load accuracy    ± 0.5% § ± 0.5% of indicated value lÜIxfitlfESpeed accuracy    ± 0.5% s ± 0.5% of indicated value %^n,Motor    föTl^lflS%t/lPanasonic servo motor Üfl-Screw    öt □    High preciston ball screw S^Jv^itConlrolway    %®©$|]PC    %)!Sfö$!lPC, °T;lJi5tä£f^$with extensometer Protection device    Machine will stop automatically when force reaches 100% of load cell capacity (Software setting); It has double protection with limit switches and program setting. Dimension (L*W*H)    880*510* 1490mm

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