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Accelerated Environment Test System Catalogue

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tiatiaanas^staswiSigeTFm. iSSTtsiinm?. «as. as. «*. t* K. asst. £8. EPM5I60 8 . f fll!SSi*0a». ;# £ GB/T10586, GJB150.9A. GJB150.6A. GB/T22894. JJFI101, GB/2423.3 GB/T2423.4, IEC68-2-30, GB/T4857.2. GB/T9278;tH#g«'®ffiSTi£Tfft 5ratswH«ett®#ss, stgstgwfswpsiapssesRsraftEratsig. This Series Machine Slimulate Various Temperature And Humidity Environment, It Is Suitable For Test Electronics, Electrical Appliances, Food, Automobile, Rubber And Plastic, Metal, Print Products And Furniture Products, Based On GB/T10586. GJB150.9A. GJB150.6A. GB/T22894, JJFI101, GB/2423.3 GB/T2423.4. IEC68-2-30. GB/T4857.2. GB/T9278; Provide Customer With Reliable Testing Report Under Harsh Environments That Improve The Quality Of Products. imiSigitSfSS! Temperature And Humidity Chart I (EiSfEiS! Low Temp&low Humid 20 to 98%RH Per Chart (no Live Load)

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Protaiuonol Manutoclutai of [nvlronmmMol tailing S^/Modei ftfflRTt Internal Dimension(W*D*H) *M8R>f(*«tB*S) External Dimension(SUS Type)(W”D*H) yMSRTf (Si* RI External D'imension(Paint Type)(W*D*H| 98 (X.) Temperature ('C) Sa*(KW) Total Power (KW) 8*%®(A) Maximum Current (A) (V) Voltage (V) SS^/Model Internal Dimension(W*D*H) #»R5fpFfciBR) External Dimension(SUS Type)(W*D*H) JMIR^WaR) External OimensionlPaint Type|(W‘D*H) M(t) Temperature ( 'C ) SKIS (KW) Total Power (KW) S*«iS(A) Maximum Current (A) SBH-(V) Voltage (V) TempS Humi. Adjust Way «gsEffl Temperature Range ssesw® Temp...

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Rotational Monulociuro, « fnvtronmoiMoi tailing ImmmmM S®. MEUtt* ®SB*r«K amain*, it fitSM**;    flgft£7igSPttffi*; SOTtegP, PLCiI£iSo This Product Is Suitable For Complete Machine Or Large Parts With Low Temperature, High Temperature, High-low Temperature Change, Constant Temperature, High-low Temperature Cycles Test Etc. Chamber Dimension And Function Could Be Provide According To Customer Specifications; Elegant Appearance With Flight Block Style Chamber; Scientific Air Flue Design And Can Match The Different Clients' Requirement. Adopt To Touch Screen, Programmable Logic Controller...

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<X iKS US ft Product Introduction »ren*2B8.&a. ♦ 3?fflB*j®g;aages4gLCD=t"/ss:iam8sig®sais, ♦ ascEsaw, sffi-sffltiJT'asaaissy, ffSB«»wra®rw, Si, £*SES, STJ^IIS^IStRtgSSSigS. ♦ ssawsipJBSwa: satstea. a«. imses; sssmsa, a«. a a. Br*«SSttaal, 35S±8Pa«SaMSJSISiaBStS«HtaBi£, JTSSiffl *a*h**i4. MWKftflmiSB. a»*«a«*aHrasioi»rt. ♦ i$»»a;SS«gBlf5)S5»tit'ra, qTSSMTL.IEC.JIS.GJBIWIUE. ♦irraaS: isstesis »3BSi§S*!lKSt Rs-232ig(g)SDSs, 5j^^Attami?iB?iatf®ait5*s83;«iiBe8ieg= ♦fflsesst: lttiSS»^W*E. fEaEHffl«EHSSft, 5Rfflffi«BtlBTHva«HS?'V, SISiK *, *ffl;$?<nxigtiits^a:#Aiss‘t5,...

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fVotauonal Manutoclurvf of tnvtronmanW Tailing trwtnmani

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OZONE AGING TEST CHAMBER ittssrsefflTJjQasttwB, asasaiiaastSuE. ws‘f>t>sfi.siia&siiK Ozone Aging Test Chamber Provides Accurate Ozone Concentration Environment For Electric Wire, Rubber And Polymer Test, Ect. It Widely Applied To <l) Accelerated Ageing Research (2) Quality Control And Assurance Tests And (3} R&D Laboratory Formula Experiments For Cracking Resistance. iSEtSSie Test Standard sesas    ±rc SSSiS*    50-1000 pphm.BJSI asssss    ssams. Internal Dimension <W*D*H) 400‘500‘500 mm (100L)    500x600x500 mm (150L) External Dimension |W*D*H) 900'970*1600 mm    1000x1000x1750 mm...

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VENTILATION TYPE AGING TEST CHAMBER HD-E701 ft## St Technical Paramelers S^Model aiaaia TestingSpace Temperature ®f§H Rotation VentilationAdjusted Ventilation System Built-in Circulating Air System Material Control System HD-E701 45 x 50 x 45cm 45 x 50 x 45cm RT-200C, fe'W^O.I'C, JS*iJWf80.5'C RT-200C.0.1C,Accuracy: 0.5C 0-10&10-200[5J//J'frJ( JS-) 0-10 or 10-200 time/h a s)jtfi5iJ3iC( S®@ g BJ2 iSftse?) a EMSM'BI i+R 8? TIMER*i+«*P»2»n* Auto-tuning Type «B+#75® Using Voltage Regulator To Change The Volume Of Air, Convenient To Adjust BWIMfll: 1% ( W*RiSSi+») Ensure The Temperature...

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ANTI-YELLOWING AGING TEST CHAMBER HD-E704 OZ S§ ® Product Introduction 8##® Technical Parameters MKsg1«aS§?i°r«=*ffla: sit: *W.5J($iat)Qt1i«SJ2=S1t, «i+SM?'vS5l5ts2»H($K2S1t®, -KV. »S70tTM«-X, JSie±taST83S5*n‘f6'T^KBTiel. MS: «lgtgm*n»i§ct’, £HftK$H£IIB*I. 9l-3®$1t-B6vAftH50‘CTiS!f «9'J'W. gie-tffiST8Se*n+6'r-S0Wie]. This Machine Can Do Two Kinds Of Testing: Aging And Anti-yellowing. Aging: The Machine Can Promote The Increase Of Sulfur Rubber Deterioration, To Calculate The Change Rate Of Tensile And Elongation Before And After Heat. It Is Generally Thought That Test For One Day At 70"C ....

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TKmmimmwmm*. Dust Tesl Chamber is Mainly Performed To Test Functioning Of Electronic Components Under Extreme Environmental Conditions. Various Standards Specify The Test Duration And Composition Of Dust Used. Nternal Chamber Material Stainless Steel 304 , Anti-rust. Easy To Clean External Chamber Matenai Stainless steel instil Tost Standard IEC 60529 IP5X&6X Controller    PLC Controller, Touch Screen A.Blowing Dust Time (stop/btow) H/m/s B.Cycle Time: Can Be Adjusted C.Pre-set Test Time: Os - 999h99m99s D.Specimen Opening: Off On-Off iffliaWfej    5HSt3 Dust Concentration    2kg/m3-...

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