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Environment/Water - Food/Beverage - Petrochemistry - Chemical/Plating Pharmaceutical/Cosmetics/Biotechnology Titration customised to YOUR exact application - when you need to be sure...

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The TitraLab® Concept Why do we use titration? It can be essential to know the exact concentration of a chemical species or molecule in raw materials or products in order to ensure the efficiency of a manufacturing process and the quality of the finished goods. Among the many techniques available, titration is commonly selected because of its ease of implementation, cost-effectiveness and accuracy. As it is well suited to a wide range of applications and concentrations, it has been adopted as a standard technique in a variety of industries such as water quality, pharmaceuticals,...

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What is TitraLab? TitraLab is a complete solution providing all the elements required to build workstations customised to individual applications: Titration Managers, sample changers, software, electrodes, solutions and accessories. Accuracy, traceability, reliability and ease of use are all key features of our instruments. Clear-text menus simplify programming and large displays with real-time curve plotting allow you to check everything is running smoothly at a glance. Alphanumeric entries and detailed printouts make it easy to follow Good Laboratory Practice. The TitraLab concept goes...

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A Workstation for Every Application - Dedicated packages • pH + acidity + free and total SO2 in wine • pH + acidity + chloride in condiments • pH + acidity + formol index in fruit juice and soda • pH and alkalinity in water • Acid/base determinations in plating baths • Redox determinations in plating baths • Peroxide number in edible fats and oils • Chloride in milk, butter and other dairy products 4 • Ascorbic acid determination in food and beverages • Water hardness, calcium and magnesium determination • TAN and TBN, bromine number and bromine index according to ASTM • Mercaptans...

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- Choose the right workstation for your application Branch of Activity Typical Applications Environment/Water Ideal TitraLab workstation pH/mV, Alkalinity 840 + Hardness, Calcium/Magnesium, Chloride + Conductivity, Fluoride Food/Beverage 865 870 pH/mV, Chloride, Aqueous acid/base titration, 840/845 Free & total SO2, Formol index Moisture determination Pharmaceutical/ Cosmetics/ Biotechnology 55 pH/mV, Complexometric titrations, Redox titration, Aqueous and 960/965/980 non-aqueous acid/base titration pH/mV-Stat Petrochemical 854/856 Moisture determination 55/980 mV, TAN, TBN, Sulphur and...

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Potentiometric Titration Workstations - Ready for immediate analysis! No more wasting time setting up. Order your TitraLab system incorporating a highperformance single or biburette Titration Manager with the appropriate application package and it will arrive with all you need. Getting started couldn’t be simpler: Communicate intelligently Wireless burette stand communication simplifies GLP compliance The lastest additions to the TitraLab range communicate with their detachable burette stands via wireless RFID technology. Stand changeover is fast and reliable thanks to instant data...

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pH mV °C EP Stat pH mV °C EP IP TitraLab 854/856 TitraLab 840/845 Stat Titration Workstations Routine Titration Workstations pH mV °C EP IP EC ISE pH mV °C EP IP 7 TitraLab 865 TitraLab 870 Combined Conductivity and Potentiometric Titration Workstation Potentiometric Titration Workstation pH mV °C EP IP KF pH mV °C EP IP TitraLab 960/965 Potentiometric Titration Workstations (detachable stands) TitraLab 980 Volumetric KF and Potentiometric Titration Workstation (detachable stands)

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Potentiometric Titration Workstations - A new user interface… The Titration Manager interface has been designed to prompt you through every step of programming and running an analysis. You will find that operating your titration unit has never been simpler: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 8 Alphanumeric keypad allows entry of data and parameters. Large graphic display gives detailed overview of each function. Animated icons show information on titration status. Keypad numbers provide shortcuts to functions. Active on-line help guides operator in setting up the system.

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Water CI-ISO Uater Hardness Result accepted: rfore details Rihse electrodes

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TitraLab 840 845 854 856 865 870 960 965 980 Sample list Number of samples Up to 20 samples Series up to 126 samples with alphanumeric ID QC sample definition Measuring ranges/Resolution -9 to 23 pH/0.001 pH pH mV ±2000 mV/0.1 mV °C -10°C to +100°C/0.1°C 0.1% Water content to 100% 4 µS to Conductivity 400 mS/cm Results On selected result units Auto calculation User-defined equations 1 2 with user-defined result units QC check with visual warning Statistical calculations 3 levels of detail Automatic GLP printout Storage capacity Pre-programmed methods Global password protection Non-volatile...

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Karl Fischer Titration Workstation - Moisture determination… The determination of water content is essential in many industries in order to optimise processes and product shelf life. To ensure you have complete confidence in your results, the TitraLab 55 Volumetric Karl Fischer Workstation offers QC functions and built-in metrological calculations – a unique benefit. This makes it ideal for moisture determination, whatever your application. When you order a TitraLab 55, it comes complete with the high-performance TIM550 Titration Manager together with TitraMaster 55 Software and all the...

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…better than ever before 13 Specifications Titration methods Storage capacity/ GLP Languages Burette Volumetric KF titration KF reagent standardisation Blank determination 50 methods including preprogrammed applications with alphanumeric ID and protection 200 results 10 blank determinations English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Danish Glass syringe, plastic cover UV protection Titrant exchange procedures Karl Fischer cell Pneumatic circuit Inputs/Outputs Printouts Dimensions (H x W x D) Weight Power requirements Minimum volume: 35 ml ±5 ml Maximum volume: 150 ml ±5 ml Screw type...

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