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N5 1 /2008 Si VERLAG W. SACHON ■ D-87714 SCHLOSS MINDELBURG ■ Maximum flexibility using same sensor for portable or process monitoring in all applications from wort to final package ■ Sensor refurbishment in 3 minutes with pre-filled recharge cartridge (Patent pending) ■ Improved design allows for extended period between recharges ■ Unrivalled accuracy and response time for fast detection of process changes 6. route de Compois - CP 212 -1222 Vesenaz - Geneva - Switzerland EXCELLENCE IN PROCESS ANALYTICS

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O2 Measurements for the brewing industry - 2

IMPROVED SHELF LIFE We know that improper amounts of oxygen present in various stages of the brewing process will greatly affect the final taste. Accurate oxygen analysis allows the brewer to control the process so that the shelf life of beer can greatly be extended. A brief review of where to measure oxygen is provided in this article, followed by some helpful information on how to best make oxygen measurements in-line, in-package and whilst using portable analysers. Finally, some technical details are provided explaining the benefits of using electrochemical sensors for oxygen...

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(the most common analytical method applied) is required in order to make improved oxygen Where to measure oxygen In traditional brewing operations, wort is saturated to a desired dissolved oxygen level of about 6-9 ppm, although some modern strains of yeast can require up to about 14 ppm. Oxygen is essential for adequate propagation of yeast cells during fermentation. The amount of dissolved oxygen fermentation, oxygen levels fall to less than 30 parts per billion (ppb) and yeast breaks down the sugars in solution, producing alcohol and other by-products. Some of these by-products are...

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O2 Measurements for the brewing industry - 4

oxygen. Another source of air purged vessels. Leaking pump glands, leaking valves, and filter aid dosing pumps can also allow oxygen ingress. By measuring possible to identify the source If beer containing unsatisfactory levels of oxygen is packaged, irreversible damage will be done to the flavour profile. Any beer that is filtered before packaging must be protected from oxygen since it no longer contains oxygen- consuming yeast. In many breweries, responsibility for the quality of the beer changes hands at the filling machine, from packaging department. An in-line dissolved oxygen...

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O2 Measurements for the brewing industry - 5

In-package analysis Samples are obtained from bottles or cans with the Hach Ultra ORBISPHERE 29972 package piercer (picture 3) by applying a forcing gas of CO2 or N2 to drive the beer out of the package and past the oxygen sensor. Dissolved oxygen can be measured using the Hach Ultra ORBISPHERE 3650 Portable Analyser. Total package oxygen (TPO) can either be calculated using a Hach Ultra ORBISPHERE 510 Laboratory Analyser (picture 3) or determined automatically by using the Hach Ultra ORBISPHERE 3625 total package analyser (picture 4) by measuring the total liquid and headspace O2, whilst...

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O2 Measurements for the brewing industry - 6

1. The valve seat sealing 2. The guard ring electrode The valve seat sealing of the gold cathode into a saphire body with a high predetermined spring load not only eliminates internal oxygen leakage, making zero setting superfluous, but also permits the hot caustic cleaning of the sensor. The expansion over the tempe- rature span of nearly 100° C is taken up by the spring, without deforming the soft, pure gold The guard ring electrode, having the same potential as the cathode, eliminates the oxygen present therefore, only measures oxygen penetrating through the membrane directly above the...

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