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NEW! BOD Measurement System • NEW only from Hach: Complete BOD measurement system featuring the LDO advantage • Calibration in less than one minute • No membranes to replace Prod. No. Description Price 8505700 BOD Measurement System $1,749.00 pH Starter Kit • Complete starter kit featuring HQ11d Meter and Standard IntelliCAL Gel pH probe • Includes pH calibration buffers for quick ordering and start up • Features the new IntelliCAL probe stand for measurement and probe storage Prod. No. Description Price 8505900 pH Starter Kit $769.00 Conductivity Starter Kit • Complete starter kit featuring HQ14d Meter and Standard IntelliCAL Conductivity probe • Includes Conductivity Standard Solution for quick ordering and start up • Features the new IntelliCAL probe stand for measurement and probe storage Prod. No. Description Price 8506100 Conductivity Starter Kit $769.00 Rugged DO Field Kit • Rugged field kit for dissolved oxygen monitoring applications • Features the rugged Hach LDO probe for maximum durability in the field or plant • Case includes space to add an additional rugged probe • Rugged field case includes everything needed for measurement and calibration, organized securely in a durable, die-cut foam insert Prod. No. Description Price Actual case may differ from photo. 8505100 Rugged DO Field Kit $1,599.00 Actual case may differ from photo. Rugged DO Field Kit w/ HQ40d Multi Meter • Same rugged kit and components as HQ30d kit above, but includes the HQ40d multi meter • HQ40d meter enables simultaneous, two parameter measurement • Includes USB/Power Adapter for data transfer and line power operation Prod. No. Description Price 8505200 Rugged DO Field Kit w/ HQ40d Multi Meter $1,749.00 IntelliCAL™ Probes [HQd Meter & IntelliCAL™ Probe Kits] Choose Your Measurement: pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen (LDO®), BOD, Temperature. Meters and Probes for Field or Lab Applications. [ ] Greater confidence in results. “We like our Hach LDO meter—it is a significant improvement over the membrane-type unit we had been using. But when I took the HQ40d meter out in the plant and tested it against the LDO meter, I could run five tests with it in the same time it took me to perform only one with the other unit. It locks in very quickly. Also, a calibration system alerts the user to when recalibration is needed. This, combined with the faster response time, gave us increased confidence in our results.” Cindi Rutledge, Plant Operator, Loveland, Colorado WWTP [ ] Minimize errors with data-logging and data transfer. “With our previous pH meter and our galvanic-type DO meter, we did not have the capability to electronically store data. Because we’ll now be able to store data and download it straight to our computer, we won’t have to write numbers down by hand and key them in later. This will eliminate the potential for transcription errors.” Eric Kingsley, Water Quality Specialist, Monterey Bay Aquarium To learn more, go to: www.waterqualitymeters.com Order online at www.hach.com or call toll-free 800-227-4224. (U.S. Customers Only) FREE Periodic Table of the Elements! See Inside! See catalog pages 30-33 for more NEW HQd Kits! HQ40d Dual-Input, Multi-Parameter Digital Meter Secure waterproof connections and color-coded clips All the information you need on one screen (backlit for low light conditions) Great for field use— 200+ hours of battery life Meters record probe serial numbers, current calibration data, user ID, sample ID, time, and date with every reading Easy-to-use, menu-driven interface HQd Meters and IntelliCAL™ Probes: pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen (LDO), Biochemical Oxygen Demand (LBOD), and Temperature. Use a single handheld HQd meter and interchangeable IntelliCAL probes for quick, simple, and reliable measurements. • Versatile—Get the probes you need now, expand or switch out parameters later. Take up to 2 simultaneous measurements with the HQ40d. • Time savings—IntelliCAL probes store calibration history, making change outs simple and fast. • Reliable results—Accuracy ensured with automatic probe and parameter recognition, check standard routines and calibration reminders. • Flexible and durable—IntelliCAL probes available in standard and rugged versions in multiple cable lengths. Ideal for lab and field applications, even harsh environments. • Innovative technology—Patented breakthrough Hach LDO® luminescent dissolved oxygen technology eliminates membranes for low maintenance. “Calibration is easy, repeatability is very good, and we like the fact that it stores readings that can be tracked by the operator and even be downloaded to a printer or PC.” Cindi Rutledge, Plant Operator Loveland, Colorado WWTP [HQd Meters] Quickly identify probes with color-coded bands Easily track measurements— “intelligent” probes store calibration info and serial numbers Polymer shroud protects sensor from impact STANDARD PROBE FOR LABORATORY USE RUGGED PROBE FOR FIELD USE A Breakthrough in BOD Measurement! The Hach LBOD IntelliCAL™ probe uses patented LDO® technology to deliver superior confidence in results! All the same great benefits of the Hach LDO probe, with the built-in features to measure BOD! • No membranes to replace. • Calibration in less than one minute. • Reliable performance and accurate readings time after time. • Have confidence in your results! Complete System available—Includes: • HQ40d Digital Meter. • LBOD Probe (Prod. No. LBOD10101). • Power and communication cables. • Laboratory meter stand. *Hach’s LDO technology has been approved in numerous states for measuring and reporting Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and BOD. Visit www.waterqualitymeters.com or speak with a Hach representative to learn if your state is approved. See catalog pages 34-35 for complete listing of IntelliCAL probes. No membranes means reliable results! See catalog page 35 for complete BOD system. For use with 300 mL BOD bottles, Prod. No. 2943100. IntelliCAL probes for pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, BOD, and Temperature—only from Hach. EPA Recommends Hach LDO® Method 10360 for use in compliance monitoring.* [ ] HQd PFA INSERT int 2/4/08 12:35 PM Page 1

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