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HY-OPTIMA 2700 Series Explosion Proof In-line Hydrogen Process Analyzer

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HY-OPTIMA™ 2700 SeriesExplosion Proof Inline Hydrogen Process Analyzer Applications The HY-OPTIMA™ 2700 Series inline hydrogen process analyzer is ideal for gas streams where real-time, hydrogen-specific measurements can enhance process plant efficiencies, improve yields, and reduce maintenance costs: Refinery • Catalytic reforming • Hydrodesulphurization • Fuel gas • Tail gas treating units Natural Gas H2 in natural gas or biomethane Industrial Gas Supply • Air separation • Steam methane reforming • Electrolysis process streams Petrochemical H2 measurement in polymer feeds and flare gas process streams Manufacturing • Metals annealing • Semiconductors • Oil hydrogenation • Highly reliable • Low life cycle cost • Easy to install and operate • Minimal maintenance required • No cross sensitivity to combustible gases • Real time, continuous hydrogen measurement • Tolerant of many harsh background contaminants • No reference or carrier gases required • Non-consumable solid state technology • Field configurable settings HY-OPTIMAtm is a registered trademark of H2scan Specifications subject to change without notice 

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The HY-OPTIMA™ 2700 Series analyzer provides the most accurate, tolerant and affordable hydrogen process gas measurement solution for industrial markets. The explosion proof analyzer uses a solid-state, non-consumable sensor for direct hydrogen measurement with no cross sensitivity to most gases present in process gas streams. Process Gas Temperature: Flow Rate: Operating Humidity: Calibration Interval: How it Works A thin film palladium-nickel alloy-based lattice absorbs and desorbs hydrogen as it comes in contact with the sensor. The palladium catalyzes the hydrogen molecule into atomic...

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