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VACUDEST brochure

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Leaders in Zero Liquid Discharge German Engineering VACUDEST. The Effective Distillation System.

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H2O GmbH belongs globally to the most experienced experts for the sustainable processing of industrial wastewater. Under the quality label “German Engineering”, using the brand name VACUDEST we offer high-quality, economical vacuum distillation systems. The excellent quality of the treated water allows it to be recycled back into the production process, thus creating a zero liquid discharge production

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Sustainable treatment of industrial wastewater. A reliable investment into the future. VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems allow reliable and effective processing of industrial wastewater in just one process step. In general they pay for themselves within two years, representing a reliable investment in a future free of wastewater. Nowadays, in almost every industrial sector Vacuum distillation has been established on environmentally dangerous wastewater is the market as the most economical method produced, which is not allowed to be dis- for the processing of a large variety of posed of...

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Simple principle. Effective result. State of the art technology produces crystal clear distillate. Simple and efficient: Crystal clear distillate Free of salts and heavy metals Highest evaporation rates As pioneers in the application of vacuum Some substances cannot be completely distillation in 1986 we were the first to make separated by this principle. Thus the industrial wastewater reusable. Our state distillate of conventional evaporators is of the art technology is based on the simple often turbid and of poor quality, requiring principle of separation of materials due post treatment....

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2 Steam under vacuum at 85 °C 1 Wastewater is evaporated under vacuum at 85 °C 3 Vacuum pump compresses steam to atmospheric pressure 5 Steam transfers required evaporation energy to wastewater Thanks to energy recycling the VACUDEST process is a forerunner regarding optimization of energy efficiency and reduction of operating cost. Energy recycling ensures cost efficiency. Sustainable process for a clean environment. Energy is an expensive production resource. One of our goals, as we continue to further To save energy we’ve relied since 1986 on develop our VACUDEST vacuum distillation the...

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We analyze your industrial wastewater. Based on the results we develop the best solution for your individual requirements. During project development our aim is to optimally integrate the VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems into your production process. Customized system solutions. Cost efficiency based on the VACUDEST ModularSystem. The VACUDEST Modular-System: Standardized functional groups Cost efficient Technological applications Customized An integral part of H2O‘s philosophy is To ensure that a customized solution is the development of customized system affordable for our customers...

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VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems offer, compared to other treatment systems for industrial wastewater, optimized efficiency and added value. The result is higher reliability and increased sustainability. Highest system availability Reliable solutions Fully automatic 24 hour operation Customized systems for your Remote service for fast service support individual requirements Product file for tailor-made spare Proven technology in many industrial parts supply sectors in a variety of applications Maintenance friendly construction Process guarantees, verified in our reduces down times...

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H2O GmbH | Wiesenstrasse 32 | 79585 Steinen | Germany Phone: +49 7627 9239-0 | Fax: +49 7627 9239-100 E-Mail: |

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