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Spray nozzles for the Iron & Steel Industry

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Daiichi Kyogyo Bldg., 1-15-15, Awaza, Nishi-ku, e-mail: overseas@kirinoikeuchi.co.jp Affiliated Companies Room 1311, Building A, North Region Commercial Plaza, 988 Da Tong Road, Zha Bei District, Shanghai 200070, P.R.China e-mail: mist@kirinoikeuchi.com Asterweg 17 A6,1031 HL Amsterdam, The Netherlands e-mail: info@ikeuchieurope.com 8110 Beckett Center Drive, West Chester, OH 45069, USA e-mail: info@ikeuchiusa.com 11F-1, No. 27, Sec. 1, Chung Shan N. Rd., Taipei 10441, e-mail: sales@ikeuchi.com.tw IKEUCHI Spray nozzles for the Iron & Steel Industry

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IKEUCHI Cooling Technology IKEUCHI provides high-quality spray nozzles and control systems, CFD simulation analysis, and cooling trial experiments combined with an outstanding performance record for the steel industry. Slab cooling For cooling of hot slabs, strong impact force is needed to break through the film boiling. Through cooling trial experiments, Thin slab cooling Cooling for surface finishing of steel slabs requires a large amount of fine fog to produce a smooth surface texture. IKEUCHI has been developing low- energy atomizing nozzle units. Cooling of high temperature flue gas...

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IKEUCHI Original Spray Nozzles Descaling nozzles for plate Our descaling nozzles achieve higher spray impact with less water compared to conventional nozzles. Water saving and long nozzle life. (P.10) Secondary cooling nozzles for continuous casting steel cooling The latest fog spray nozzles keep their cooling effect even if at a very low air/water ratio. Available for various kinds of steel cooling. Enables reduction of plant energy Semi Dry Fog® cooling fan unit COOUetter® is a combined unit of a fan and nozzles that can blow Semi Dry Fog® further and broader using fan wind. Ideal for...

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Nozzle applications Applications for each process making process [Conveyer line/Limestone] [Conveyer line/Coking coal] [Electric precipitator] O Washing pole plate [Flue gas conditioning system] O Gas absorption (spraying slurry) O Spraying reducing agents for denitration [Sintering plant] cooling of sinter in mixer [Coke plant] O Washing inner surface of bent duct © Cleaning electric furnace cover © Coke wet quenching equipment [Power station] Cooling flue gas before [Blast furnace] © Gas temperature control at top of furnace © Cooling flue gas from blast furnace in dry dust catcher © Dust...

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Nozzle applications Applications for each process Plate mill process [Reheating furnace] [Cooling steel plate] O Intensive cooling 0 Gentle cooling [Heat treatment] [Heating furnace] [Cooling coil ] cold rolling mill Cold rolling mill O Chemical spraying, rinsing © Cleaning inside of tank 0 Hydrochloric acid recovery [Cold rolling mill] 0 Cooling steel plate [Annealing furnace] 0 Cooling steel plate [Continuous annealing line] 0 Cooling coil yard Cooling roll Cooling steel plates •Intensive cooling Cooling steel plates ■Controlled cooling Cooling steel plates •Gentle cooling Heating furnace...

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I The effect of spray cooling is dependent on the fog, the cooling target, the environment and the cooling medium. IIKEUCHI measures each aspect of fog spraying performance and uses CFD simulation to create plans for the optimum cooling conditions. * For a summary if IKEUCHI's CFD simulations please refer to P.1. I Non-wetting Dry Fog nozzles produce a spray of 10//m and under which is dry to the touch. I Pneumatic spray nozzles maintain spray angles, flow distributions and diameter distributions largely unchanged over a wide range of flow rates. I High-capacity semi-fine fog nozzles for...

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Descaling nozzles TDSS series Descaling Nozzles Uniquely designed descaling nozzle TDSS series is designed to have no sharp protrusions inside its orifice, which minimizes energy-losses and maximizes the speed and spray impact of water flow, as well as the tip lifespan, even under high-pressure spraying. aling nozzles TDSS series Thin Stream Three features of its unique design High Impact Conventional model TDSS's razor-like thin stream has 20% higher impact compared to conventional nozzles. TDSS is designed to have more uniform spray impact Conventional model TDSS, with much higher spray...

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Manual Brush-cleaning Nozzle Header nozzle header Surface finish surface of steel plates O Brush roll cleaning Design allows brushes to easily remove foreign objects. brush, nozzle orifices are cleaned thoroughly. flushed away while the internal burshes are turned. Liquid inlet Mountain-shaped distribution to obtain a uniform spray distribution ♦ Brushes are turned by hand. BRASIKan® series- ©Brush (installed in inner pipe coupled with handwheel) Materials (depend on the liquid sprayed) ■ Pipe nozzle header BRASIKan® series Manual Brush-cleaning Nozzle Header ■ Nozzle specifications (per...

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Secondary Cooling Nozzles Flat Spray with Even Distribution Patented spray nozzles Steel making process Rolling mill process I Cooling continuous casted steel (slab and bloom) Uniform spray distribution across Optional union joint for secure - Mixing chamber having large free passage diameter for minimal clogging. - Compact spray tip having large free passage diameter. Large turndown ratio with minimal variation in spray angle. Stable spray even at low turndown ratio. Fine and uniform spray droplets across the entire spray area. [Spray distribution ] [Note] Please ask our sales staff about...

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spray nozzles Secondary Cooling Nozzles / Oval Spray O Cooling continuous casted steel (Bloom) 9 Cooling continuous casted steel (Slab short side) O Cooling continuous casted steel (Billet) O Cooling roll on continuous casting Cooling sheets on continuous annealing line 9 Cooling roll in heat treatment O Cooling magnetic steel Oval spray pattern covers wide area. Suitable for cooling on slab short side and bloom. *1 :11 shows the standard length, which is shortest, and the longest length, 1500mm. *2: Pipe connection sizes for air and liquid are *3: Each mass is for DDA with standard length,...

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