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Fog from the “Fog Engineers”, contributor to the world's manufacturing success As Japan's top manufacturer of industrial spray nozzles, IKEUCHI has supplied innovative, high-precision products to the world for over 60 years. The fog produced by our spray nozzles is widely used in many industries for a broad range of manufacturing processes. One thing that we have learned from operating in the vast amount of industries that we have been privileged to support, is that “bringing new things and new services into the world is a true contribution to society.” As a company, we have recognized and...

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Paper & Pulp, Printing Electronics Automotive Manufacturing Pollution Control We developed a pneumatic nozzle for the steelmaking industry in 1983 and began supplying them for use in spray cooling of continuous casting. Our spray nozzles are also used in processes including descaling, washing, surface treatment, and dust suppression. Cooling Humidification Moisture control Trimming Dust suppression Heat reduction Odor reduction Our nozzles are used in a wide variety of manufacturing processes relating to engine power trains, car bodies, painting and coating, bumpers, outfitting, and car...

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Fog solutions for new business fields across the globe As a part of Japan’s history of strong industrial development, IKEUCHI’s fog solutions have contributed to increases in productivity and product quality for manufacturers. IKEUCHI is using fog in unique approaches to contribute to solving problems from energy savings in industry and society, to environmental issues including air pollution and global warming. One example of such an approach is the use of fog to cool exhaust gases as measure to increase the efficiency in removing dioxin and other toxins. Using the evaporation energy of fog...

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World’s first humidification experts Humidification Division Provides humidification systems that use non-wetting “Dry Fog” to help prevent troubles caused by static charge in printing plants, paper mills, electronics plants and many more. Providing fog solutions to help both society and industry Environment Division Supplying cooling systems that use the cooling effects of evaporation to counteract “urban heat islands”. Systems that can provide cooling in the summer and humidification in the winter. Meeting a wide range of needs worldwide Overseas Division The international business division...

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History of IKEUCHI COMPANY MOTTO Taking the path less traveled IKEUCHI was founded as a trading company in 1954. In 1961, by developing a ceramic spray nozzle with guaranteed precision, IKEUCHI started on its path as a manufacturer and seller of spray nozzles. World's first ceramic nozzle World's first precision guarantee Our founder, a man with strong determination, started exporting Japanese products. These included those products related to producing rayon for the textile industry, which was prominent back then. One of those products was a ceramic spinneret which was highly resistant to...

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IKEUCHI’s Fog Guarantee of Precision Nozzle Performance IKEUCHI sets a strict acceptance criteria for spray performance and only the nozzles that pass the inspection will be shipped. This precision guarantee allows our customers to use our spray nozzles with complete confidence, even in case very accurate spray is required. Guarantee of our hydraulic spray nozzle performance Spray Capacity Tolerance Spray Angle Tolerance Spray Angle Tolerance for Solid Stream Jet Guaranteed to within +/- 5% of the rated spray capacity under the standard pressure*. Guaranteed to within +/- 5° of the rated...

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IKEUCHI’s Strengths Exploring a wide range of industries by fully utilizing a variety of fogs; Continued R&D fueled by knowledge obtained We set ourselves apart from other spray nozzle manufacturers by continuously developing new values of “fog”, our core technology, and extending our specialty nozzles into areas where we see a demand from our customers. We continue to improve our technical capabilities, research and develop leading edge technologies based on decades of experience and know-how and marketing research across a variety of industries. Exploring new fields and industries and...

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Quality Management IKEUCHI produces reliable and safe products that have been supporting manufacturing industries across the globe Spray nozzles are becoming increasingly important elements of the foundation for manufacturing. All of our facilities in Japan have obtained ISO 9001: 2008 Certification, the international standard for quality management systems (QMS). This certification offers reliability through our precision guarantee, in order to provide customers with more satisfactory products. With our own QMS established in accordance with ISO standards, we strive to further enhance...

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Spray Nozzle Business & 4 Specialty Divisions Nozzle Division Humidification Division Four specialty divisions Environment Division Cooling Division Agro Division

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Nozzle Division Fog engineers handle all aspects of spray nozzles and provide continuous support to meet customer needs The Nozzle Division is the core of our company. Rather than just sell nozzles, we focus on proposal-based sales that are directed to meet customer needs. Not only do we provide spray nozzles that meet a specific purpose, but we also provide proposals that include installation layouts and advice on how to effectively make use of our products. In recent years, we have been focusing on developing specialized spray units for specific production processes. We can propose the most...

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Humidification Division The world’s most advanced humidification system helps reduce problems caused by static charge IKEUCHI’s Dry Fog humidification system with internationally patented spray nozzles helps to prevent product defects or work environment problems caused by low humidity or static charges. Dry Fog humidification can be used as a non-wetting solution where wetting is not allowed. It can maintain optimal humidity levels for large areas or provide spot humidification for small areas, specific process, or machine. The running-costs of our system are only one-fifth of a typical steam...

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