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Dry Fog Humidifier- AKIMist E series

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The world's most compact, high-powered humidifiers Main Applications ■Humidification BMoisture Control ■Static Electricity Prevention ■Preventing Dust Adhesion BDust Suppression BCuring, etc.

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• Dry Fog is sprayed over four meters horizontally to provide widespread humidification. rn • Up to four nozzles can be mounted per body. • Compact water tank keeps free from bacteria. • Automatic humidity control is available with timer or humidity controller. (*1) Spray length depends on the surrounding air temperature and humidity conditions. Easier to maintain and harder to clog • Most clog-resistant nozzle created using new technology • Plug and spray tip are combined, making it easier to disassemble and clean • 20% less air Consumption (compared to AKIMiste "□") By utilizing AKIJeta,...

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Spray Droplet Size by various humidifiers The fallowings are pictures of droplets collected by Immersion Sampling and droplet diameter distribution measured by the laser analyzer. (The vertical axis is for droplet diameter, and the horizontal for the proportional number of droplets.) Max. droplet diameter 50 /jm or less Sauter mean droplet diameter: 7.5 fim Uniform fog, having no large particles, humidifies target spaces effectively without gstting anything wet. Other kinds of humidifiers- ^Conventional pneumatic spray nozzle ►Ultrasonic type Sauter mean droplet diameter: 12.i Even though...

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the liquid contact parts, food factories, hospitals/ pharmaceutical plants Note: This product is sold without pipe connection kit. Optional product AE-UT Adaptor for AKIMist "E AE-UT Adaptor enables you to adjust spray direction as desired, just by installing it between the nozzle and the humidifier body. You can easily attach and remove it by hand. Chemical-resistant type is also available. Note: Stop spraying when you change the direction. ■ This Kit is to be assembled by customers. ■ 1 /4" FT male (R 1 /4") threaded connection. ■ 1 /4'PT female (Rc 1 /4") threaded connection. • Bolts for...

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Installation & Ancillary Devices For minimal maintenance and long life, clean air and purified water must be supplied. IKEUCHI, with a wealth of experience, provides a wide range of ancillary devices for purifying water/air and automatic humidity control. Humidity Sensor ^ Humidity Controller For minimal maintenance and long life, supply clean air and purified water using these ancillary devices. When the solenoid valve unit is installed far from AKIMist®"E', spray may become coarse when stopping. In such cases, please install another solenoid valve for air relief between the solenoid valve...

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Ancillary Devices [Compact type] w/ Humidity Sensor 1 Digital display of present humidity and target humidity 1 Compact size to fit any place Humidity Controller (RHC-D**B) (Controller model numbers are entered in **.) sold separately. 1 Digital display of present humidity and target humidity ' Using a single controller, up to four zones spread over a wide area can be controlled individually. Solenoid Valve Unit A solenoid valve and reducing valve are bundled together as a unit for pressure relief. When the humidifier stops spraying, the remaining air pressure in the piping is instantly...

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Customer Case Studies Web Offset Printing Process Humidity control suited to each printing press type • AKIMist® has quickly gained acceptance as nozzle-type humidification systems are becoming popular in the printing industry. • AKIMista has the best track record in the Japanese printing industry, with over 20 years • For sheet-fed printing, UV printing, Flexo printing and others, we have the best-suited solutions for all kinds of printing presses. Improved productivity and quality, reduced waste paper Paper jams, poor folds, etc. > Solved by controlling humidity A humidification method...

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All the components for an efficient humidification system in an easy DIY kit. Just supply the electricity and compressed air. • You can choose the contents of AE-KIT freely to suit your factory size and layout. • Includes piping and connectors for tap water and air, you can install them easily, and keep optimal humidity. (AKIMisWE" is installed on a wall.) • One AE-KIT is good for spaces of up to 800 m3. •Please contact us for an inquiry sheet. Nozzle unit (AKIMisWE"), Control unit, Water (filter) unit and Piping unit. You can install AE-KIT easily, and be controlling humidity soon. AKIMist...

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