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Descaling Nozzles TDSS Series

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the Iron & Steel Industry Jltelated Catalog Introduces a wide line-up of nozzles that meets every need; cooling, cleaning, clog prevention, etc. Daiichi Kyogyo Bldg., 1-15-15, Awaza, Nishi-ku, e-mail: Affiliated Companies Room 1311, Building A, North Region Commercial Plaza, 988 Da Tong Road, Zha Bei District, Shanghai 200070, P.R.China e-mail: Asterweg 17 A6, 1031 HL Amsterdam, The Netherlands e-mail: 8110 Beckett Center Drive, West Chester, OH 45069, USA e-mail: 11F-1, No. 27, Sec. 1, Chung Shan N. Rd., Taipei 10441, e-mail: PRINTED WITH

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Conventional descaling nozzles descaling nozzles Thin Stream Comparison of erosion distribution Conventional model TDSS's razor-like thin stream has 20% higher impact compared to TDSS is designed to have uniform spray impact on the cross direc- High Impact High impact thin stream Improves productivity and quality Erosion test IDistance : 150mm ■Pressure : 15MPa ■Time : 12min. Material : Aluminum Conventional model TDSS, with much higher spray impact, increases erosion depth by 20% compared to the conventional model. Minimal traces of scales improve productivity. Water Saving Even with...

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Guarantee of Spray Nozzle Performance Spray capacity tolerance Spray angle tolerance All IKEUCHI's precision-made hydraulic noz- zles are guranteed for the spray capacities and spray angles shown, based on tests un- der the most accepted pressure conditions applied in actual applications. This guarantee covers metal, plastic and cer- amic nozzles. The TDSS series has the most-precise characteristics among all high-precision machine-made hydraulic nozzles. They are guaranteed through strict quality control, with spray test- Each nozzle is individually numbered and tested, with its spray ca-...

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JTDSS Nozzles Lineup DESCALING NOZZLES TDSS-series ■Standard nozzle tip/Tip with cover ■Long nose nozzle tip Packing: Copper ■Standard/Long strainer •Strainer adaptor: Brass (C3604) •Strainer: Brass (S316L only for strainer with free passage diameter 01) ■Strainer with check valve •Strainer adaptor: Brass (C3604) •Check valve adaptor: SUS403 •Strainer: Brass (S316L only for strainer with free passage diameter 01) Please specify a full part number as below referring to the chart. ♦ Part number assembled with a nozzle tip, packing and stabilizing strainer. angle code capacity code * Please...

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JTDSS Nozzles Lineup • High-pressure type 0 Nozzle tip |0Cap 10 Packing I0 Stabilizing strainer 10 Adaptor (* Design and dimensions are subject to change.) *lf you require specifications other than those given above, please fill in the 'check sheet" on page 26 and consult us. ■Example of nozzle assembly Please specify a full part number as below referring to the chart. *Part number assembled with a nozzle tip, packing and stabilizing strainer. Spray Spray angle code capacity code Type of stabilizing strainer ♦ Please order caps and adaptors separately. | JCap g^1,: Nonselective hardened)...

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^Options & Accessories Check valv Springs are set outside of the flow passage, which results in high flow straightening effect and proper check valve function. The operating pressure of check valve is 1 MPa. Conventional check valve ■ Springs are in the flow passage. ■ Particles clog between the springs. I Check valve is unable to work properly. TDSS check valve I Springs are set outside of the flow passage. ■ Particles never clog the springs. ■ Check valve keeps working properly. TDSS with check valve sorayin DESCALING NOZZLES TDSS-series Long nose nozzle ti By changing only the nozzle tip...

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Option & Accessories Protective cap covers whole nozzle tip and protects the nozzle and adaptor from external damage caused by rebounded scale and splashed water. Protection cap made of selective hardened stainless steel • Nozzle tip with cover Nozzle tip with cover protects nozzle tip from wearing out by rebounded scale and splashed water. Photos below are actual examples of a nozzle tip worn from being sprayed by an opposing nozzle when used without a protective cap. Protective cap and nozzle tip with cover are recommended in cases where nozzles are exposed to spray from opposing nozzles....

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When making flat spray pattern with conventional nozzles, it is necessary to collide water streams inside the nozzles as shown in the figure below. This collision is caused by the existence of the edge at the orifice. However, the edge reduces the speed and the impact of the water. The performance of the nozzle becomes worse as the water stream wears it out. Eliminating this weakness, IKEUCHI's TDSS series is designed to have no edge at the orifice (thus no water collision), which maximizes the speed and spray impact of the water flow. The tip has a longer lifespan even under high-pressure...

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DESCALING NOZZLES TDSS-series • Spray distance Spray impact is improved by shortening spray distance when spray capacity and spray width are fixed. Long nose nozzle tip and extending adaptor are available to increase spray impact without changing pipes. Long nose nozzle tip shortens spray distance. Relations between spray distsnce and local spray impact on fixed spray capacity and spray width. • Offset angle Water sprayed from nozzle arrays often has interference where sprays overlap, which weakens spray impact force at the edges of the spray width. You can prevent the resultant scale...

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• Quality control and acceptance criteria The histograms below show lot-to-lot performance variation of the TDSS series. TDSS series with minimal performance variation make a great contribution to stable descaling. Since all TDSS nozzles are guaranteed in spray performance, you don't have to worry about changes in performance when replacing nozzles; every replaced nozzle has the same high quality. Variation in spray capacity and spray angle Histogram (spray capacity) Acceptance criteria Spray capacity (S/min) Histogram (spray angle) Acceptance criteria Spray angle (") spray impact...

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