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A Single System for Controlling Temperature, Humidity & Pests Automated Cooling, Humidification & Pest Control System humidification and pest control • Utilizing Semi Dry Fog®* * Utilizes a fine fog of evenly distributed particles of 10 to 30 um in average diameter that does not wet things

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It is an epoch-making plant cultivation system that automatically controls cooling, humidification and pests inside a greenhouse.

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Piping unit High-pressure hose Pump relief valve Valve stand mode of the CoolPesconiM works best when accompanied with proper ventilation. Unique nozzle Stainless steel header Peripheral equipment Humidity sensor

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©Cooling and humidification mode Using Semi Dry Fog®, a fog finer (average particle diameter of 10 to 30 |jm) than that of conventional fog coolers, cooling is performed efficiently without wetting plants and Large fog particles on leaves do not evaporate completely and develop into droplets of water, making them more difficult to evaporate. This also makes the ground wet. Although fine particles of water adhere to leaves and trichomes on growth points, they quickly evaporate, producing the cooling and humidification effects. The ground The system can be used easily by filling the water...

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Preset temperature and humidity attained The changes in the greenhouse environment have been recorded with and without the cooling and humidification mode. From the charts for the greenhouse with the cooling and humidification mode enabled, it can be seen that the temperature and humidity set at the start of the operation have been reached. Ambient temperature temperature without temperature with humidity without running humidity with ABecause the average size evaporates before wetting objects. The heat of evaporation consumed in this process cools down the Will the system clog? *...

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% Pest control mode The pest control work is more efficient by having the system automatically switch to the pesticide spray operation at night. Features Three advantages health hazards Because it is possible to spray pesticides at night when nobody is concern for workers inhaling pesticides as in the case of manual Enables preventive pest control preventive pest control, which has been difficult in terms of labor, is pesticide consumption With the lean pest control method of enveloping plants in the greenhouse with a fog of pesticide, pesticide one-third or less* compared to power...

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Aphid killing effect and pesticide reduction effect A compound leaf was collected and isolated in a bag after 11 minutes of operation in the pest control mode. After storing it for two days at room temperature, the number of aphid deaths on the leaf was counted. An excellent pest control effect has been proven with a short spray time and small amount of pesticide. Operation time reduction effect Pesticide reduction effect Typical pest control operation time* Operation time in the pest control mode Typical pesticide consumption* Pesticide consumption in the pest control mode 1 Greenhouse...

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Controls in Each Mode Pest control mode Flushing operation before switching Temperature & Humidity control ■ Spraying operation is performed intermittently within the preset period of time at or above the preset temperature and at or below the preset Humidity deficit control (optional) • Spaying operation is performed intermittently within the preset period of time at or above the preset temperature and humidity deficit. Humidity control • In order to make the pesticide efficiently adhere to the plants, the pesticide is sprayed under intricate automatic control at night. In switching...

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