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Catalog on Pneumatic Spray Nozzles

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Classification of Spray Droplet Size There are may opinions on the classification of spray droplet sizes but IKEUCHI, "The Fog Engineers", have classified them as below.

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What are Pneumatic Spray Nozzles? (before selection) The pneumatic spray nozzle utilizes a high-velocity flow of compressed air and has the following features as compared with hydraulic spray nozzles. 1. Excellent atomizing performance The minimum average droplet size produced by hydraulic spray nozzles Is around 50um(*1) but pneumatic spray nozzles can generate average droplet sizes smaller than 10um(*1), 2. Large turn-down ratio Pneumatic spray nozzles have large turn-down ratios of spray flow-rate^) with little variation in droplet size and spray distribution, which makes them ideal for...

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Where fine atomization is required -Where viscous liquid is sprayed--- Where a large turn-down ratio is required- ■ I Where extremely small spray capacity is required-

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Technical Information on Pneumatic Spray Nozzles 1. Air-liquid mixing systems Three air-liquid mixing systems are available for atomizing liquid. Internal mixing type Compressed air and liquid are mixed inside the nozzle. Generally, this type is excellent for atomizing liquid. External mixing type Compressed air and liquid are mixed outside the nozzle. Hence, this type dogs the least. This Is also classified Into Inner air type This internal mixing type is further classified into three types. nozzle, while liquid flows along Its circumference. This type provides an Important benefit with a...

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2. Liquid feeding system Two liquid feeding systems are available. One is the liquid pressure system and the other is the liquid siphon system. Liquid pressure system Liquid siphon system Pressure Pressure Gauge Regulator Liquid Strainer Spray capacity differs depending on liquid Hollow cone spray Flat spray Full cone spray Liquid film spray Spray pattern means the cross sectional shape of As illustrated, spray patterns are available in cone spray (hollow cone spray and full cone spray), flat spray, and liquid film spray. The best spray pattern among them can be selected for each...

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Technical Information on Pneumatic Spray Nozzles Pressure Pressure Gauge Regulator Liquid Strainer For each series of pneumatic spray nozzles, the most commonly used pressures or pressures at which the characteristics can be achieved are defined as the standard pressures. The figures in this catalog are based on compressed air and tap water at room temperature and the pressures are measured at the immediate upstream of each nozzle. Spray Width The spray angle is measured at the top of the spray made by straight lines extending along the outer Pneumatic spray nozzle's flow velocity is so...

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7. Spray droplet size 1) Principles and features of each droplet measuring method Measuring method droplet size measurement Droplets are collected on a glass plate coated with silicon oil and are Immediately photographed at high magnification for subsequent scanning. As the collected droplets remain suspended in the silicon oil, they are measured as perfect spheres. However, ultra-fine droplets are incapable of breaking the surface tension of the oil and will evaporate without settling. Thus, the average droplet size determined by this method is larger than the actual value. A laser beam...

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Technical Information on Pneumatic Spray Nozzles 2) Mean droplet diameter I Example of calculation of Sauter mean droplet diameter 4) Evaluation of droplet diameter Good care must be exercised in evaluating droplet diameter because droplet diameters differ depending on each measuring method as described above. In comparing spray droplet diameters of several different spray nozzles, needless to say, the measuring method applied must be uniform and, when the laser method is applied, measurement distance, droplet concentration, etc. must also be as consistent as possible. Too high a...

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The spray distribution means the distribution of spray capacity in the spray width direction. A mountain-shaped distribution is useful in producing uniform spray distribution across the entire spray width by overlapping patterns in multiple-nozzle arrangements, while even spray distribution is suitable for applications that require uniform spray distribution by one nozzle. The spray distribution depends on operational conditions such as spray height, pressure and other conditions. Mountain-shaped Even Spray Spray Distribution Distribution The turn-down ratio means the ratio between the...

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Spray Nozzle Materials The standard and optional materials available for nozzles are shown in the material section of each nozzle series, using the material codes listed below. As "The Fog Engineers", we, IKEUCHI, have been developing nozzles in a variety of materials to meet the desires and applications of our customers. We were the first to develop ceramic orifice-inserted spray nozzles and succeed in marketing them throughout the world.

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How to Select Pneumatic Spray Nozzles _(Immersion Sampling Method) Small capacity fine tog nozzles — Liquid siphon type CBIMV-S (Flat spray) CBIMK-S (Hollow cone spray) BIMV-S (Flat spray) BIMK-S (Hollow cone spray) Liquid pressure type - CBIMV (Flat spray) CBIMJ (Full cone spray) CBIMK (Holow cone spray) BIMV (Flat spray) BIMJ (Full cone spray) BIMK (Holow cone spray) [Spray conditions] Srnal capacity Fine fog nozzle: spray capacity at sir press, 0.3MPa & liquid press. 0.1-0.3MPa, air consumption at air press, of 0.2-0.4MPa Medium-Large capacity Fine fog nozzle: spray capacity at air...

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How to Read Product Tables •Spray nozzle specifications are shown in the respective tables. [Spray Pattern] [Spray Distribution] Spray pattern and spray distribution •Spray angle code (110°) •«/mln, Normal: «/mln at Normal Conditions (010, latm) i»Spray width at trie Specified pressure /\ (Spray width: 280mm at air pressure of \ •Minimum passage diameters \ of each part (approx. value) •Calculated spray capacity at the specified liquid pressure of 0.3MPa, defined spray pattern does not develop (coarse droplets, wheezing, etc) •Range of Sauter mean droplet diameters Doppler Method...

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