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Miniature Heaters

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Miniature Heaters Constant Wattage & Self-Regulating Heater Construction The following diagram shows the basic construction of the heater which consists of an outer nickel sheath swaged down onto the inorganic insulation material surrounding the nickel-chromium heating element. Heating Element Nickel Sheath Element Junction Inorganic Insulation Cold Lead Terminal Construction Small diameter (1.5mm) High reliability Robust construction Excellent insulation resistance Constant wattage or self-regulating Easily formed to any shape Ceramic Body Braze H&B Sensors manufacture bespoke Miniature Heaters to exact customer requirements. Miniature Heaters are manufactured with Ø1.5mm Inconel or Alloy sheaths and are suitable for use up to +900°C. Miniature Heaters are used widely in industrial, laboratory and aerospace applications and are designed to withstand very high levels of vibration. The heaters have a uniform external diameter and are ductile enough to be formed into virtually any shape with a minimum bend radius of 1.5mm. Our heaters are hermetically sealed with a choice of terminations to suit most applications. Standard terminations can withstand up to 600°C. H&B miniature heaters use an insulation material that is inorganic and not hydroscopic. H&B Sensors Ltd | Odyssey House | Durban Road | Bognor Regis | West Sussex | PO22 9RH | United Kingdom Tel: +44(0)1243 866866 | Email: |

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Miniature Heaters Constant Wattage & Self-Regulating Constant Wattage Heaters Self-Regulating Heaters Constant wattage heaters are designed to operate at a fixed wattage with watt densities of up to 20W/cm and temperatures of up to 900°C. Type J or Type K thermocouples can be incorporated onto the heater assembly for temperature measurement and control. Self-regulating heaters are designed to prevent the heater from overheating during changes in flow or process conditions. Designed primarily for operation under icing conditions, as the heater temperature increases so does its resistance...

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