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Guyson shot peening equipment where quality comes to the surface

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Shot peening benefits Process monitoring and control Digital Almen gauge Controlled shot peening is regularly specified by the aerospace, automotive and nuclear industries to enhance component service life. It is a cold working process in which the surface of the component is bombarded with small spherical blast media particles. Each piece of shot striking the surface of the component acts as a miniature peening hammer, deforming the component surface and causing a small indentation or dimple. The overlapping dimples develop a thin layer of metal in residual compressive stress at or near...

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Shot peening solutions Automatic and robotic shot peening Guyson automatic shot peening systems are designed to eliminate variations in manual blast processes. Depending on the geometry of the components, the cycle time available and the flow of work, a variety of different automated shot peening machines are available including tumble peen, conveyor peen, rotary table peen and spindle peen. In Guyson's automated air blast peening machines, multiple nozzles, pre-set at the correct impact angle and stand off distance, are aimed at the target surfaces. With component rotation and the peening...

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UK Sales, Design and Manufacturing Centre Guyson International Ltd. Snaygill Industrial Estate Keighley Road, Skipton North Yorkshire, BD23 2QR Tel: +44 (0)1756 799911 Fax: +44 (0)1756 790213 email: France Sales and Service Centre Guyson SA ZAC des Portes de l’Oise 2 rue Henri Becquerel Batiment B7 60230 Chambly, France Tel: +33 (0)1 30 28 43 16 Fax: +33 (0)1 39 37 87 71 email: USA Design and Manufacturing Centre Guyson Corporation of USA W.J. Grande Industrial Park 13 Grande Blvd. Saratoga Springs NY 12866-9090 Tel: +1 518...

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