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Robotic Blasting

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Robotic blast finishing automated blast finishing Guyson robotically controlled blasting and shot peening where quality comes to the surface

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The case for robotically controlled blasting and peening Removal of hand processing variations Guyson have been successfully selling manual blast cabinets for the surface treatment of components since way back in 1938. Manual blast cabinets provide a cost effective and flexible solution to providing a surface finish on a varied mix of component sizes and shapes. Similarly the human operator is versatile and adaptable and adjusts accordingly to the varied mix of component, shape, size and complexity to deliver a perfectly acceptable result most of the time. For almost as long, Guyson has...

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Benefits of robotic blasting Improved consistency in quality Robotic blasting and advanced motion programming is having a dramatic impact on surface quality. Even when blasting components of the most complex shape, the correct angle, offset and surface speed are constantly maintained. Operator errors in blast gun and part manipulation can be eliminated, and the limitations of conventional automatic blast machines can be overcome, resulting in a major improvement in the degree of consistency in quality. There are several other advantages of robotic blasting. One of the foremost is that, once...

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Cost benefits Lower on-going running costs Replacement of the human element in blast finishing brings benefits for the labour force with the elimination of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) and Vibration White Finger (VWF) from operators of manual cabinets, where repetitive blasting tasks are undertaken. Robots also enable the repeated handling of heavy components, blasting of hazardous substances or working in unpleasant environments. Other obvious benefits of the conversion to robotic blasting are labour and re-work savings, and the fact that human operators are freed for other work that...

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Robotic blast finishing Two main types of robotic blast system Robots have been used for some time in technological advanced component manufacturing, especially for operations such as grinding, buffing and polishing, and passive robotic pick and place systems may be used to load and unload one or more automated blast systems in a finishing or coating work cell. The integration of robots into the blast finishing and shot peening process is a more recent development, but it is one that is having far-reaching benefits for critical surface finishing and shot peening operators. There are two...

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Robot technology partners Guyson work with the leading robotic suppliers Guyson recognises that many of its customers have existing relationships and preferences to their own robotic handling supplier. To facilitate this, Guyson will and does already does support and supply makes of robot and will be willing to undertake blast projects with any of the leading robotic suppliers. To assist with this customer integration, the Guyson group of industrial finishing equipment manufacturers, already has in place partnership agreements with leading robotics suppliers, ABB Robotics, Fanuc and...

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Advanced robotic programming While industrial robots are supplied with a teach pendant for development of motion programs, there is now a faster and more precise method available based on machine tool CAD/CAM technology. This is a significant breakthrough, since the many hours that a robotic blast system is tied-up during trial-and-error programming would be time that it is out of production. The current state-of-the-art method of robot motion programming utilizes 3D modelling software, beginning with the creation of a parametric 3D model of the component that accurately represents all...

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Contacts UK Sales, Design and Manufacturing Centre Guyson International Ltd. Snaygill Industrial Estate Keighley Road, Skipton North Yorkshire, BD23 2QR Tel: +44 (0)1756 799911 Fax: +44 (0)1756 790213 email: France Sales and Service Centre Guyson SA ZAC des Portes de l’Oise 2 rue Henri Becquerel Bâtiment B7 60230 Chambly, France Tél: +33 (0)1 30 28 43 16 Fax: +33 (0)1 39 37 87 71 email: USA Design and Manufacturing Centre Guyson Corporation of USA W.J. Grande Industrial Park 13 Grande Blvd. Saratoga Springs NY 12866-9090...

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