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Manufacturers of blast finishing, spray wash and ultrasonic cleaning equipment Product Information Guide Guyson International - where quality comes to the surface

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MANUAL BLAST Blast cleaning uses the enormous force generated by the impact of millions of dry angular or spherical particles in an air powered, high energy stream directed at the component through a single gun or blast nozzle incorporated into a manual blast cabinet. Formula 1400 Ideal for maintenance cleaning Mediblast Stainless steel blast cabinet eliminates ferrous contamination in medical component finishing Euroblast 6SF The most popular standard cabinet size fitted with top, side and front opening doors. Blast Chamber Dimensions: (mm) W1050 x D740 x H880 Guyson manual blast cabinets...

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AUTOMATED BLAST Automated blast systems offer great potential for introducing cost reductions, productivity enhancements and quality improvements. Initial equipment costs can be recouped from labour reductions and increases in productive time, substantial quality increases and reduction of rejects. Automated blast equipment has major advantages over manual, hand-operated blast cabinets in achieving consistent production of superior quality finishes. Critical, when applying, for instance, a fine media etch surface preparation to enhance coating adhesion on medical implants. Taking automation...

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PRECISION CLEANING MICROSOLVE CLEANING SYSTEMS attain the highest cleaning standards yet keep running costs low, an ideal trike replacement system. The Kerry Microsolve’s manufactured by Guyson have unique proven solvent retention features that provide economic benefits as well as effective use of HFE (hydrofluoroether) or HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) solvents. Microsolves are available as either Mono or Co-Solvent systems and in a range of standard sizes. Features unique to the Microsolve range – triple coil reflux cooling, vapour break, 150% freeboard, auto top-up and solvent monitoring –...

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In the first cleaning stage a mixture of HFE and a hydrocarbon solvating agent removes gross contamination from the components. Large quantities of dirt and oils can be taken up by the solvating agent, making the process particularly suitable for heavy duty ultrasonic cleaning applications. The Co-Solvent process handles with ease applications such as removal of polishing compounds, maintenance cleaning of power generation system components, and flux removal from PCBs, including no-clean and lead-free solder flux residues. ‘Autotrans’ work transfer systems ensure consistent, repeatable...

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Typical Blast Applications Brochure Available Shot Peening Controlled shot peening is regularly specified by the aerospace, automotive and nuclear industries to enhance component service life. Guyson Multiblast® RXS 900 glass bead peening systems have previously been installed into turbine repair centres to re-harden the turbine blade surface after they have been used for a period of time and are due for a scheduled overhaul. Glass or ceramic bead is used for peening if there is any risk of ferrous dust contamination from metal media which might result in rust. Guyson sell a range of...

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Typical Cleaning Applications Electronics Cleaning Microsolve Co-Solvent systems achieve cleanliness standards to specifications including BS, IPC [Institute for Printed Circuits], ESA [European Space Agency] and MIL SPEC. The co-solvent process defluxes all types of PCBs, assembled and reworked, removes no-clean solder flux residues, and eliminates the white deposits associated with traditional single solvent and waterbased detergent processes. For certain aerospace applications where ultrasonics may not be used, the co-solvent process can clean without sonics, using instead the ‘rolling...

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Contacts UK Sales, Design and Manufacturing Centre Guyson International Ltd. Snaygill Industrial Estate Keighley Road, Skipton North Yorkshire, BD23 2QR Tel: +44 (0)1756 799911 Fax: +44 (0)1756 790213 email: France Service Commercial, Technique et Après - vente Guyson SA ZAC des Portes de l’Oise 2 rue Henri Becquerel Bâtiment B7 60230 Chambly, France Tél: +33 (0)1 30 28 43 16 Fax: +33 (0)1 39 37 87 71 email: USA Design and Manufacturing Centre Guyson Corporation of USA W.J. Grande Industrial Park 13 Grande Blvd. Saratoga...

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