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Kerry Ultrasonics Brochure

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Kerry Ultrasonics quality precision cleaning Manual & Automated Ultrasonic Equipment Range where quality comes to the surface

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Ultrasonics offers a rapid and highly effective method of precision cleaning components to a very high standard. Manual cleaning or spray wash methods may struggle with blind holes, tubes, difficult to reach crevices or stubborn surface contamination but these problems are easily dealt with when ultrasonics are used. Ultrasonic cleaning is brought about by the introduction of high-frequency sound waves (usually between 20-80 kHz) into a liquid by transducers, normally attached to the bottom of the tank. The resulting action is called 'cavitation'. Cavitation is created by high and low...

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Kerry ultrasonic cleaning equipment range Aqueous and solvent systems for precision cleaning and degreasing Guyson International provide full manufacturing, sales, support and service for our comprehensive range of 'Kerry' branded ultrasonic cleaning equipment. These units, from the smallest bath to the largest automated multi-tank system, provide cost effective precision cleaning of components in industries as diverse as medical, aerospace, electronics, automotive, glass and optics, defence, and rubber and plastics. Kerry ultrasonic cleaning equipment includes both aqueous and solvent...

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Pulsatron ultrasonic baths Safe, fast, effective cleaning of small parts Pulsatron KC and MKC ultrasonic baths provide safe, fast and effective cleaning in a fraction of the time required by hand cleaning. Lightly soiled items such as jewellery may take only seconds, while medium soil is normally removed in around two minutes. Microprocessor controlled MKC baths are available in capacities of 6, 14 and 22 litres (approx.) and allow the user to pre-set exact cleaning times (up to 99.9 mins) and temperatures (from 20° to 80°C), thus ensuring the same high level of cleanliness every time....

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Pulsatron ultrasonic tanks Industrial quality parts cleaning Pulsatron KS ultrasonic cleaning tanks are robustly constructed using AISI 316L polished stainless steel for durability, while Kerry Pulsatron ultrasonic generators ensure powerful parts cleaning and long equipment life. Typical uses include: Production cleaning e.g. removal of oils, swarf, polishing compound, brazing flux, solder flux, carbonised deposits and moulding residues. Applications include: refurbishment of computer, photocopier and engine components, maintenance of mould tools, cleaning of extrusion dies, printing...

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Ultrasonic wash and rinse with or without drying option Ultrasonic clean and rinse systems Pulsatron UCR aqueous clean and rinse systems provide a heated ultrasonic cleaning tank, an immersion rinse weiring to drain, and a hand held spray for final rinse. Example uses include: removal of oils, swarf, polishing compound, brazing flux, solder flux, carbonised deposits etc. UCR systems are microprocessor controlled, allowing the user to pre-set precise cleaning times and solution temperatures. Options include pumped filtration, heated immersion rinse, and deionised water spray rinse. Clean,...

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High quality precision cleaning using SED compliant processes The Kerry Microsolve's manufactured by Guyson have unique proven solvent retention features that provide economic benefits as well as effective use of HFE (hydrofluoroether) or HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) solvents. The Microsolve Mono-Solvent system has three process stages comprising of ultrasonic cleaning, followed by vapour rinsing and freeboard drying. The Mono-Solvent process is intended for applications with light to medium contamination levels and typical applications include precision cleaning of bearings, gyro components and...

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Multistage aqueous systems for high quality cleaning The standard Microclean 4-stage aqueous cleaning system (heated ultrasonic clean, rinse, rinse, warm air dry) suits a wide range of cleaning needs in aerospace, automotive, electronics and other industries. Closed loop high purity deionised water rinsing provides organic and ionic cleanliness superior to MIL standard. The machines can also be specified for high precision cleaning without ultrasonics for processes which do not require their use. Standard Microclean features include weir overflow to all wet stages. Options include:...

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Sub micron quality cleaning of high volume components Supercleaners are designed to meet the most demanding component cleaning requirements of the precision engineering sector and are intended for clean room installations. These systems provide multi-stage aqueous ultrasonic cleaning and high purity deionised water rinsing, multi-frequency variable power ultrasonics, and hot air drying. They remove organic residues down to ppb (parts per billion) levels and particulate contamination to 0.1 microns. The process is well established for high specification high volume cleaning applications,...

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KST transducers and ultrasonic generators Submersible block transducers and Primewave® KST submersible transducers KST submersible block transducers are designed to allow retrofit to existing cleaning tanks or incorporation into new machines on an OEM basis. KST submersibles can be located at the bottom of the tank, bulkhead mounted on the side wall(s) or hung over the lip of the tank (rack mounted), depending on the application and process requirements. All subs are manufactured from 316L stainless steel, and radiating faces are hard chrome plated for resistance to cavitation erosion. Five...

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Automated handling options Autotrans - automated handling systems can save you money There are various automated work handling systems available including the Autotrans Single Axis lift and the fully automated Autotrans Mk5; the larger version of which can handle loads of up to 80 kg and can operate several Autotrans heads simultaneously. Autotrans systems may include load/unload stations or feed and exit conveyors. A ‘basket recognition’ feature is available on larger Autotrans systems, allowing automatic selection of the correct pre-programmed cleaning process to suit the basket contents....

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